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10th anniversary of Medivia
Dear players

We are happy to inform you about a special anniversary we will be celebrating soon. On July 29th, we will be celebrating 10 years of Medivia being online (to be more specific - the Legacy game world) without any interruptions or resets of characters. Each year the game changes and evolves thanks to your feedback and proposals, and your support.

None of it would have been possible without this great community and the help we receive from our players. Building Medivia with you has always been our priority.
Thanks to this, we are still here after 10 years and stronger than ever. And we'll definitely be here for the next decade.
We never dreamed that a game that started off as a students' project would grow to this size and develop the image of a stable, reliable and engaging role-playing game.

To thank you for your support, we have prepared a special anniversary event. It will start on July 29th and will last until 28th of August.
Confectioner Lorraine will remain in the castle of Eschen for an additional week after the event ends.
Your goal will be to acquire ingredients that will drop from hostile creatures and help an NPC bake an anniversary cake for the whole game world.
You will receive anniversary tokens for every ingredient you turn in, these tokens will be exchangeable for unique items.

Additionally, when a game world succeeds in baking a cake, everyone who participated in the event will be able to eat their cake share once every server save.
The cake will be enchanted with magic and will give benefits for two hours after eating. The more ingredients a player brings, the more and better benefits will they receive*.

Have fun and once again, thank you for your support.

* Ingredients are worth a set amount of tokens, the more tokens you will obtain by exchanging the ingredients, the more buffs (and better) you will receive. Each buff lasts 2 hours.

Everyone - illuminates a small area around the player
At least 60 tokens - increases maximum mana by 50
At least 120 tokens - illuminates a moderate area around the player
At least 180 tokens - increases maximum health by 50
At least 240 tokens - increased health regeneration (2 HP per 12 seconds)
At least 300 tokens - increased mana regeneration (1 mana per 12 seconds)
At least 360 tokens - increased movement speed by 10
At least 420 tokens - illuminates a large area around the player
At least 720 tokens - increases skills by 3 points (skill depends on player's vocation)
Posted 4 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Sounds absolutely great! Will we get some details on possible item rewards before the actual event launch? :)
Posted 4 months ago by Borubar (107 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
nice event... let's see what it awards
Posted 4 months ago by Angel Ogihci (151 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Will it take place in Novus as well ?
Posted 4 months ago by Tei (42 None of Destiny) Quote
Happy anniversary! Many years of Medivia still for all of us!
Posted 4 months ago by Di Ronny (160 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
Reward Buffs are only for 2h after giving events items to npc ?
Posted 3 months ago by Hunter is dead (20 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
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