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I was checking Medivia in hope I will finally find a new server is coming!

And you ruined everything... Pay to win...

You gonna tell me that swedish people or someone gonna buy it on black market anyway? Ok, but you forgot one thing - the other players would gain some money then.
Many players were playing to gain some real money, now they got nothing to do in this game.

This server is dead after it started. What a shame.

You could just dont allow MC , thats all. For me - Medivia is over forever.
Posted 4 months ago by Nattrog (142 Knight of Legacy) Quote
How could you destroy this game soo much , im waiting for a miracle , We want normal rates server! We do not have that much time anymore to play! We do not want pay2win system! Runes in store is just pathethic. Me and my real friends waited so long for a new server and so big dissapointment how much do we need to wait? it is over for medivia?
Posted 4 months ago by Rolnik Adam (41 Warrior of Purity) Quote
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