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With 7.4 graphics and in Europe I would definitaly come back and play :) Not like this!
Posted 5 months ago by Leijonhufvud (97 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
I love the idea of the new server (I prefer EU but I will play it anyway), but I think the same as a lot other players about the runes in shop. If you let them the server will be p2w (doesn't matter the price), so pls reconsider it and if posible remove it for the first months. Thanks for the hard work :)
Posted 5 months ago by Aethe (104 Scout of Pendulum) Quote
It's not about price, runes should be permamently removed from the game store. Its HARDCORE server with HARDORE rates, so rules should be also HARDCORE. People voted for server like spectrum with 1x rates and no p2w utilities like runes or aol, which can help you in game. It would be awesome
Posted 5 months ago by Maczupikczu (131 Knight of Legacy) Quote
You should consider to remove the runes from the shop for the Odyssey players...The people who plays a x0.5 don't want a p2f (pay to fast) feature. If you do that, the server is condemned to failure. I personally will not play. Delay the shop rune purchase for 6 months....well....better than nothing, but increase the price of the runes (thinking that people won't pay that) is the most false and greedy initiative you can implement.

You are doing the things well, please don't screw it up now.

Posted 5 months ago by Podredumbre (78 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
Me and a coupel of friend we being waiting for a new server for the past 7 month, finally is here and we see that it will be 100% p2w... i mean if you dont put money into the server early you cant keep the pace or even try to play the server to be fair... whats the point... Its not enough with the montly suscription ? people that buy runes form others buy premy scrolls to exchange for runes anyway so your geting the money but at least is organic runes you cant ruin the early server since there are not runes to buy... I hope you reconsider The runes on shop early on the server if not i think you will lose tons of ppl ... including me.

Apart from that i enter the other day back to see how is the medivia now a days... mama what a big improvment in my eyes the best 7.4 server by miles , keep the great work boys ;)
Posted 5 months ago by unknown Quote
P2W runes availability in store will ruin the server. Does not matter how big price will be for it , Rich Sweden will abuse it with their euros to make dominando. Price does not matter for them.

Everyone knows how important the start is on new server. We poor Poles who have to clean toilets in the UK will make lootbags that will be taken from us . At the same time, Sweden will go shopping at the medivia store and rushing lvls.

It will have a negative impact on gameplay...
Posted 5 months ago by Dawid Lewandowski (38 Archmage of Purity) Quote
Anarcho CapitalistI think you overestimate how many people have time for a server like this, people will get bored of lootbagging orcs at lvl 80 real fast after taking a year to get that level

Posted 5 months ago by Space Monkey (132 Scout of Legacy) Quote
If There is no rune on Shop ill definitely going to play, otherwise, with runes inds shop, i dont see any point of playing this...

I hope you guys make the wise decision :)

Crossing fingers
Posted 5 months ago by Hazy (134 Scout of Destiny) Quote
Dear Iryont,
could you please give us a final statment about the runes in shop for early server? how is it gonna be? so most of us know if we are going to play or not. Would be highly appreciate. Also, the more you keep people waiting for this decision, worse propaganda is gonna be for Oddysey opening... thanks in advance
Posted 5 months ago by Pape (130 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
Admit it Iryont.

Runes in the shop killed the servers once again. This time most of us left over night, and rest slowly stopping.
Don't mess with peoples progress. It was hard work to get there.

Now most what you got is premium paying botters and a few people using store for progress.. And when it runs out of people to buy those runes and use cash in store. What do you do then?

You make a new server and hope for the best... Come on. You should know the faults and why's. Instead fix those. More players = secure future. Right?
Posted 5 months ago by Poff (157 Warrior of Purity) Quote
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