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" we have decided to follow your request with a small adjustment to the frags system in which the limit in PvP will be increased two times compared to what is on Legacy and other similar slow-paced worlds. "

that is a PVP server ? already is HIGHSCORES / rates ... and you want to make a WAR ? want to begin a new serv with alot frags ? WTF ?

so why create a new server ? to merge in future ? thats it ? make more money that already u guys doing ? dont you guys think on the community or players who spend alot times and money playing ?! i wish to understand the MIND who created that adjustment... seriosly ... sick !

and OTHER thing is ... i dont know why , STILL dont know why you guys put runes at STORE , already make alot of money with outfits and UTILITIES and other stuff ... why to make the runes at store to destroy the game and make it ALOT a pay to win game ... WHY ?? you guys have totally the sucefully to be the best OLD 7.4 EVER ... but you guys destroy THE OWN SERVER/GAME ... unbelievable .. a WORLD that alot ppl like and enjoy .. because is difficult to progress .. and make that shit :/

i really HOPE !! that thing of runes at STORE become disabled for at least 6 months .. don't put it at prices higher than this, it doesn't improve at all , people will buy 3000 coins and will RUSH or ABUSE the same ... urrrrrrggghhh ... how can create a game , a good game and dont know how to think about this things .. stop thinking about the MONEY ... think about the PLAYERS too !! you guys survive because we play the game , think more about it !! please .. still have 1 month to change things , about FRAGS , about RUNES OF STORE p2w , the FUTURE of Odyssey !!!

Please !! i hope Odyssey dont became a dead server after 3~5 months , and come to merge with shits servers 2x !
unbelievable ! RIP SPECTRUM .. it will never be the same :/
Posted 5 months ago by Skunk'Haxixado (155 Cleric of Pendulum) Quote
Im really dissapointed , Medivia was going in great direction and now , whats happening. Adding more and more pay2win things will kill this game. Also that rates of new server , who have that much time these days and these frags system its completely senseless. Just change it otherwise its just suicide
Posted 5 months ago by Merry Bee (71 Scout of Purity) Quote
Lol , even harder server now? this is nuts nobody has the time to play so much ,
think that the community of medivia are 30 year old guys , we're not 15 anymore
Posted 5 months ago by Washburn (192 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
Please make a player to player trade market.
Posted 5 months ago by White Survivor (83 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
Sure, another money grab from community. Then you'll be merging this world again, and creating another hardcore-pvp, lel.
Why can't we have an optional-pvp world ? There's a bunch of players, incluiding me, just saying "hey, create an opt pvp world and grab my money" and you guys keep ignoring us from the past years. Well, my money is being spent in another places in the meanwhile.

Sad to see medivia staff with the same mentality as cipsoft
Posted 5 months ago by Azatioprina (21 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
Please be very careful about implement an "automatic player to player trade system" Like Tibia trade system. That could kill the interaction between players in Medivia, which for me, is the "soul" of these OLD RPG style games.
I know, keep "spaming" on trade channel looking for buyers/sellers could be annoying, but that is the way how medivia players interact; meet new people, become friends, meet new trade partners who you can trust to keep trading in the future, even with parcels, etc. Thats my point, you must keep that interaction mostly.

May I suggest an alternative trade system, a little more efficient and less annoying.
You could create something like a "Advertising Board" where the players can put their offers with their NAMES on it, like:

¬Ramza Barbanethsson ¬ Ramza Barbanethsson
Buy 20 BP of UHs Sell Crystallized crossbow

That "advertising board" can be in every depot and be global for the entire server.
So... when I want to sell something. I going there and put my offer, and same for buyers, you go there and look at the offers, add the player to you VIP or send a letter to agree for a meeting to trade.

My point is: PLEASE do not eliminate the interaction player to player, do not make it AUTOMATIC like "click SELL and DONE", please don't.
Anyways, keep doing as you have been so far, ask the players their opinions by polls :)
Posted 5 months ago by Ramza Barbanethsson (126 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
IryontThe price for runes in the store will likely be increased on the launch and slowly decreased over time. That is yet to be determined by developers.

If these actions are to increase profit in the beginning its a great idea however this is a bad idea to counteract p2w in the beginning because those who would buy runes will still buy them anyway. I think if players can p2w in the beginning it will affect the long term status of the server negatively however if you open up the rune shop a few months after the launch, where there's already plenty of self created runes in circuit the server will "launch" more organically.
Posted 5 months ago by Trevor (312 Knight of Legacy) Quote
I will join if these conditions are met:
-No trade market
-No runes in store till late game
- No changes movin this game into rl tibia side
Me and around 5 firends would start play then.
Posted 5 months ago by Uherekk (34 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
It would be appreciated mainly to remove the medivia store in terms of runes
Second, I do not see the reason for the change in trade between players, I see it as something unnecessary since as this I see it quite well and also what if I would like is a small change in the trade of items that does not have a limit as it has in the moment that is 100 would be to put it better to the weight that each player can support depending on their lv said this I hope they pay attention to the peritions of the players instead of thinking only about their gains that will be good from now on but in the long term it will be nothing alone another unity more linked to another server
Posted 5 months ago by Arukar black (207 Warrior of Pendulum) Quote
sounds like a money dump.. and for that reason

Posted 5 months ago by Borin (230 Druid of Pendulum) Quote
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