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Weeow lets have some fun
Posted 5 months ago by unknown Quote
Heeeeyy !!! pleaasee !! dont put RUNES at STORE , if you can block this... do it for 3 months

lets the game be highcore like "old spectrum" was

dont let it P2W as it is ... u.u

and the TRADE system ... im disgusted if this applies to players too... hope it works only for NPCs


im really looking forward to getting back to playing the old spectrum !! love those rates ^.^
Posted 5 months ago by Skunk'Haxixado (155 Cleric of Pendulum) Quote
Please dont let this server be ruined by pay to win runes please!
Posted 5 months ago by Beric (216 Warrior of Pendulum) Quote
This will be a good server if its not a money grab, Dont let people buy runes or anything that gives them a pay to win advantage from the medivia store and GG
Posted 5 months ago by Khal (138 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
remove runes from shop =)
for at least first month... if you do so chance of succes will be
Posted 5 months ago by Pape (130 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
I agree with the other players, you should certainly remove the rune store for at least the first few months, you have to think ahead if you place the rune store you will get a big payoff in the short term, but the new world will fail. After 4 months, since players will go up too fast and it will not be fair for the rest of the players who cannot buy runes in the store, you have to think about a long-term profit but better than the short term
Posted 5 months ago by Andrea The Psychopath (59 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
Im not an active player but I was very interested in the new server up until I saw runes in the cash shop when I logged in yesterday. so this is another +1 please remove pay to win post I know myself and at least 6 friends who are not current players would for sure start if you removed this.
Posted 5 months ago by Cheeseman (11 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
I think you overestimate how many people have time for a server like this, people will get bored of lootbagging orcs at lvl 80 real fast after taking a year to get that level
Posted 5 months ago by Anarcho Capitalist (401 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
North America :'( RIP
Bring back Spectrum
Posted 5 months ago by Boromir (246 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Hello, I am a 32 yo university professor. I used to play tibia since the beginning when I had time to do it. Now, it doesn't make sense to play it with normal rates and PVP. I play tibia for nostalgia and I think Medivia is the best server to do it.
I am not a PVP player and I appreciate much more play with others like me. Besides, I cannot play every day, if the premium account was for login days instead of calendar days, it would be fairer for players like me.
Posted 5 months ago by Danilo Sande (81 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
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