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Only useless things, as always ;) sorry but this game Is pretty much dead since a lot of time , highest lvl 609 since a lot of months
Posted 7 months ago by In Your Eyes (27 Cleric of Purity) Quote
Making this game "hard" and "old school" went a Little bit too over the developers head i think, it's imposible to gain More than 4kk Exp /h , geting profit Is extremely hard and you have to make gigantic loot bags of gold and crap items, skill damage Is all twisted, (lvl 300-400 characters poofing on small creatures lmao) no daily reward no new items, no new hunting zones etc etc etc
Also community Is just Made of bunch of 30-40 year old men that are very very toxic, specially that guild "watch the throne" from pendulum who they think they own the server, and the gods pretty much pampers them , even knowing that pretty much the top 50 characters from highscores from all server are BOUGHT PLAYERS FROM FACEBOOK, we all know that, gods know that, and they act like they dont know LOL , and they put in the rules "can't buy or sell character or items" lololol just have a look on medivia trade on facebook
Just my opinion peace and love for everybody cheers XD
Posted 7 months ago by In Your Eyes (27 Cleric of Purity) Quote

The game evolves, it moves forward. We are no longer in early 2000 to use 20 years old technology. It is time to upgrade if you wish to still play the game on an acceptable level.

The main rendering engine of the game requires DirectX 10 capable hardware GPU. That is anything which supports at least shader model 4.0 (Geforce 8 series released in 2006 or Radeon HD 2000 series released in 2007). The game can run just fine on 11 years old office hardware which costs here about 45 EUR for a full computer box (core i3-540 with integrated graphics card capable of DirectX 10, 4 GB RAM and 250 GB HDD drive). IN fact, I did purchase such box just to test the game on and I was able to run our main rendering engine (SokolGP with shaders) having over 60 fps on 3840 x 1600 resolution. Having that in mind, on full HD (1920 x 1080) you can get over 100 fps from that hardware.

That being said, I am sorry to tell you that, but it is time to upgrade. The requirements are nowhere near a "gamer PC". Low-end Geforce 1050 Ti can render over 1000 fps in Medivia on 5120 x 1440 resolution here (that was my personal test out of curiosity since I do own such graphics card). We are far away from any actual "gaming GPU" requirements at this point.

That is perfect and I understand what they want to achieve, of course they must advance, but in Latin America or at least in the country where I live and where many live, an i3 PC like the one you mentioned is worth $ 150 + then being that the case, it is not accessible to many people. You could take into account what I mentioned to you, to put the option that it is not HD, that it is a choice. If I had a good PC that gave me 60fps it would be a marvel for me but it is not like that.

in case of not being able to do anything about my request. Could you tell me what would be the appropriate option in terms of graphics for a Dual Core? I mean SokolGP, SDL2 or Blend2D?
Posted 7 months ago by Nipe (25 Sorcerer of Purity) Quote
I think if before made that new update maybe better open a 'test server' first to solve all bugs before open tô all play ! Maybe dont appear many bugs as now. My regards cya!

I love that new update but i think maybe those spawns need be enlarged! Like drags only drags.. or dls only dls like 'poi'
Posted 6 months ago by Dio'Bolt (173 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Exactly this going to wrong way, GM's need money thats why they did server pay to win
Posted 5 months ago by Akczee' Look (104 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
- Added few types of runes to the store offer*.

wrong direction
Posted 5 months ago by Sickera (104 Scout of Legacy) Quote
Make a normal server with normal standards!!!
Posted 4 months ago by Rolnik Adam (41 Warrior of Purity) Quote
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