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Rocket ShotAm i the only one with instant client crashes after the patch?

Fladimir Kernoelnope.. also cant loggin... crashes after logginwindow

BenediiktGame crashes after log in.


The issue was just fixed now. Please update your game clients. I do apologize for the inconveniences.
Posted 7 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
works indeed. Thanks!!!
Posted 7 months ago by Benediikt (138 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Now even cooking skill is pay 2 win. GG
Posted 7 months ago by Burek (163 Scout of Purity) Quote
where are the new added monsters and new tasks in Novus. Where's the bank npc to exchange currencies?
Posted 7 months ago by Queen Elisabeth (60 None of Destiny) Quote
I don't load the game, it stays in checking integrity and lasts too long to open at least one medivia x.x client, check that bug please
Posted 7 months ago by Paturraja (56 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
Do you know bro! They smoked weed, that no bad xD
Posted 7 months ago by Sho Hai (178 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
wow I really wasnt expecting that you will add runes in store for $, what next exp scrolls ? thats a very big downvote from me
you want to squeeze more money from players but what will imo happen is that in longterm you will make less $ than without pay2win features
you start going same direction as cipsoft... BUT you can still delete runes from store!
Posted 7 months ago by Armada (207 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Good morning.. i see many bugs while playing like a doors in goblins and golden pick dont received the mining while use tô mining.. dont take skins etc
Posted 7 months ago by Dio'Bolt (173 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
When i Saw "Update 4.20" i think with my self, do i come back do play medivia?

But when i read runes in Store for Medivia Coins, but worst, them have 100x charges...

I realised that the best choice was quiting the game a year ago as i did...

I Hope those changes don't kill this beautful game, but i think its not for me anymore.

Posted 7 months ago by Nowhere (108 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
i Don´t undesrstand the people... i mean, a lot of new and nice changes are implemented on this update but u only think on runes in the store? c´mon men... is just a feature, maybe affect de game dynamic but that´s the idea, i mean, u preffer play the same and boring game all your life? i don´t think so... i´m really glad with all the new update no matter what the people say, keep in that way Medivia and don´t páy attention to that people who cry every single update xD they forget that´s a business for u, and just a game for us and not the other way around...
Posted 7 months ago by Zito (255 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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