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Community Manager
Patch 4.18 and merge of Unity
Dear players

Due to requests from players and low population in general on the Unity game world, we would like to inform you that in the very near future game world Unity will be merged. All players will have an option to transfer their characters to either Destiny or Pendulum and those who will not choose any world on time will have their characters transferred to Destiny. There will be no adjustments and your characters and their skills will be moved as is. More details will be included in a separate thread.

Following changes will be introduced during this server save:
- Sound no longer plays when using an empty vial.
- Items with Resistance (Elements) attribute now reduces only fire, energy, poison and ice damage.
- Decreased average loot value of Giant Energy Elementals due to lowered mana cost of heavy frozen missile runes.
- Ice Golems and Giant Ice Elementals can now drop only one stack of gold.
- Reworked font rasterization engine (all fonts might look a bit different, but very similar nonetheless).
- Reverted look type of cyclops.
- Fixed bug that prevented players to participate in Tenebraex boss fight.
- Changed loot of Shadow Guards and Ritualists.
- Shadow Guards and Ritualists are stronger now.
- Shadow Guards and Ritualists are now more resistant to all types of damage.
- Lightbringer Knights can no longer drain mana.
- Increased experience reward of weak monster faction tasks.
- Moved most of the house decorative items from the store to the offer of furniture salesmen.
- Replaced most of the cyclopes with cyclopes warriors on hunting zones in the south-west part of Forgula and to the north of the city of Garrogat.
- Added few more grim adepts on Forgula and Thoris spawns and decreased their spawn time.
- Slightly modified Dragoneater Clan hunting zone in Mittenhoff, adding more dwarf slayers on the upper floor and more dwarf dragoneaters on the lower floor.
- Added more deathkiss watchers on the way to the Catacombs.
- Added more skeleton archers on the island with the entrance to the tomb of Necromantica.
- Increased amount of war wolves in the caves to the east of Eschen.
- Removed sandbeasts and several ghosts on the third floor of the tomb under the Shakir island and added several mummies in their place.
- Lowered respawn time of fire devils on the hunting zones inside the Mittenhoff mountain.
- Removed few elves sharpshooters and swordmasters and added more elf guardians on the second floor of the hunting zone under the city of Lucindel.
- Moved few dragon lords in a quest zone below the Cirone.
- Removed time limited Christmas offer from the store.
- Increased container size of bookcase purchasable in the store from 15 to 20 slots.
- Decreased light intensity of hangable Christmas lights and balls.
- Changed sprite of home packages containing floors.
- Azure Mercenary spawn was slightly modified.
- Several nature objects such as Eschen trees are now animated.
- Rosebushes, blood herb and coconut sprites have been revamped.
- Changed sprite of home packages containing floors.
- A sound now plays when a player gains a level or advances in any skill.
- Added on-hit, poof and spark sounds.
- Other minor fixes.

Following map parts now have music or ambience sound:
- Foreign Lands
- City of Garrogat and its surroundings
- Cirone
- Dungeon beneath the city of Garrogat
- Boats
- Upper floors of the White Light Sanctuary

Made changes to following sounds:
- Removed sound of lava bubbles
- Lowered volume of water and fountains
- Lowered volume of bird sounds

Changed the sound of following spells and attacks:
- Fire, energy, poison, curse and holy attacks
- Small Light, Light, Great Light and Ultimate Light
- All healing spells
- Explosion rune
- Magic Shield and Elemental Shields
- Critical Hit, Sharpshooter, Berserk and Perseverance attributes

Following creatures now have sound:
- Dogs
- Donkeys
- Goats
- Swans
- Horses
- Armored Horses
- Lions
- Pigs
- Snakes, Cobras and Giant Cobras
- Winged Vermins
- Orcs
- Minotaurs
- Wraiths
- Ghosts
- Mummies
- Crypt Shamblers
- Ghouls
- Drakes and Dragons
- Demons
- Shattered Souls
- Goblins
- Wyverns
- Spiders
- Fire and Energy elementals

Following objects now have sound:
- Fire fields
- Lava tiles
- Pool of fish
- Cooking pots, ovens and forges

Interacting with following items now play a sound:
- Pile of bones
- Saw
- Rope
- Machete
- Scythe
- Hunter's knife, skinpeeler and skinning knife

Please restart your game clients for a mandatory update!

Posted 6 months ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
im windows client , when try update i got error > Common/sounds.wad
Posted 6 months ago by Child of Creator (208 Ranger of Purity) Quote
Medivia does not open me after the new update
Posted 6 months ago by Jon'Snow (215 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
Http error on /update/assets/common/data.wad
Posted 6 months ago by Pure The Magus (37 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Http error on /update/assets/common/data.wad
Posted 6 months ago by Shazam Butterbottom (19 Archmage of Purity) Quote
Community Manager
A lot of players downloading, please take your time.
Posted 6 months ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Very nice update, can't wait to hear more music and sound effects!
Posted 6 months ago by Idletime (101 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
Where is my vip marks omgg

EldrinPlease try the 'Show offline' or 'Hide offline' option in VIP list.

PERFECT! It works, thanks :)
Posted 6 months ago by Doctor Fate (193 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
Community Manager
Doctor FateWhere is my vip marks omgg

Please try the 'Show offline' or 'Hide offline' option in VIP list.
Posted 6 months ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Windows defender detecting this while trying to install; Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml ?

Affected elements
file: C:\Users\.....\medivia\tmp\
Posted 6 months ago by Gaphys (72 Archmage of Purity) Quote
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