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Halloween event
Dear players

The Halloween time is upon us and each year the dangerous creature named Face of Decay is rising from the dead. Being immortal, he cannot be killed and he can only be locked away in the afterlife for a single year. The coffin that he is buried in deep below the ghostlands will always magically unlock, because of a curse that was put on it by Necromantica when the Face of Decay was created by Daevok himself.

The coffin will be unlocked at:

[EU] Legacy, Prophecy, Purity:
(10 hours after server save)
31st of October, 20:00 CET [Central European Time]

[NA] Destiny, Pendulum, Unity:
(15 hours after server save)
1st of November, 01:00 CET [Central European Time]

However, this year seems to be different. All year undead creatures have been working on a wicked tool for their master to use. A magical Jade Crystal.
These instruments of chaos are known for their nasty and unpredictable magic, thus most magicians are too afraid to create, let alone use them.

Citizen of Medivia, the Face of Decay will once again return and try to demolish the world as you know it. Forget your differences and unite in order to lock him away so Medivia can live to see another year.

Grim has already announced that he will reward those brave enough to defend their land. However, those too scared will have to go home empty-handed.

To encourage players to participate in the event, monsters spawned during the event will drop up to three times more Halloween coins and will grant Halloween Event participation points. The more points, the better the reward can be obtained from a reward chest spawned after the event ends.

The boss fight will be held on a prepared arena with No-PvP zone.

Posted 5 months ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Wooooww!!! I LOVE HALLOWEENN!!!!
Posted 5 months ago by Sizzla (174 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
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