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Free account players - soulbound runes and basic spells
Dear players

For some time already we have been thinking about how to make Medivia more friendly to free account players. That being the case, for a start, we have come to the conclusion that free accounts should be able to conjure runes for themselves in order to be self-sufficient in terms of in-game supplies. However, as we know from the past that usually led to abuse (e.g. rune farms), so having the past in mind we have decided to implement soulbound runes with an ability for a free account player to conjure most currently available runes in game without needing premium as well as few basic spells available for every character from the start.

What are soulbound runes?

Soulbound runes are runes conjured by free account players which are soulbound to their accounts. That being the case, only characters on that specific account can use those runes. This restriction does not apply to runes created by premium accounts as those will not be soulbound.

Those kinds of runes are marked with an ankh and they cannot be used by any other player besides the one who conjured them in the first place, so please have that in mind. In order to spot those runes, as they are no different from normal runes, an option within game client Settings => Game of "Display markings around unique items" needs to be enabled which will show markings around a soulbound rune:

That being the case, if you encounter a rune created by a different player which is soulbound it will have a gray ankh:

Following combinations are possible:

Yellow ankh - rune is soulbound and it can be used by you.
Gray ankh - rune is soulbound and it cannot be used by you since it was conjured by another player.
No ankh - rune is not soulbound and can be used by everyone.

Also, after this update following extra spells can now be learned by players with a free account:

• Conjure Bolt
• Enchant Staff
• Energy Strike
• Explosion (soulbound)
• Fireball (soulbound)
• Flame Strike
• Great Fireball (soulbound)
• Heavy Magic Missile (soulbound)
• Sudden Death (soulbound)
• Ultimate Healing Rune (soulbound)
• Ultimate Light
• Undead Legion

What about basic spells?

Following basic spells can now be used by everyone on the mainland, without needing to learn them:

Antidote - incuro vex - cures poison
Conjure Arrow - increo amu - conjures 15 arrows (scouts only)
Create Food - increo nutri - conjures various types of food (scouts and clerics only)
Force Strike - incurso mortem - deals physical damage in front of the caster (sorcerers and clerics only)
Light - ancreo lux - illuminates surroundings of the caster
Light Healing - incuro - heals for small amount of health
Light Magic Missile - encurso - conjures rune that deals a small amount of energy damage (excluding warriors)
Magic Rope - inima tera - teleports you one floor up if you are standing below a hole in the ceiling

Additionally, following spells can now also be used by everyone on Novus as well:

Antidote - incuro vex - cures poison
Lesser Healing - incuro min - heals for a very small amount of health
Magic Rope - inima tera - teleports you one floor up if you are standing on a rope spot
Small Light - ancreo min lux - illuminates very small radius around the caster for 12 minutes

What about new spells?

In total four new spells have been added this update:

Lesser Healing - incuro min - heals the caster for a very small amount of health (Novus only)
Small Light - ancreo min lux - illuminates very small radius around the caster for 12 minutes (Novus only)
Ice Healing - incuro glaci - cures freezing state of the caster (clerics only)
Mass Ice Healing - incuro glaci mas res - cures freezing state of everyone in a moderate radius (clerics only)

Please refer to your spellbook (in the game client, top-left) for more details.

Please note though, the magic level progress on Novus is much lower than progress in mainland of a warrior vocation, even though the regeneration is higher.
Posted 5 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
I think that will be a great addition to the game, looking forward to seeing it in action!
Posted 5 months ago by Sneskott (123 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
finally people who will try the game for the first time and choose mage will be able to hunt and experience this whole new continent we have, good call
Posted 5 months ago by Vermillon (275 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Here come the FACC PK Accounts xD I'm ready for it! Seems like a great idea!
Posted 5 months ago by King Crimson (29 Archmage of Unity) Quote
Great to see you are working in changes like that, and here is my opinions about these changes (and some ideas that could improve/balance) -or not xd-

1. Soulbound Runes:
Let see how it goes with the FACC PKs.
Maybe you could restrict the creation of SD just for PACC.
Maybe just make those Soulbound runes weaker than the "real" ones, just a bit to ensure that it can be a option, not a completly sustitute, like soulbound runes has the 40% less power than the real ones.
(Just an ideas to make it balance between FACC and PACC, at the end, PACC should had more beneficts than FACC, thats why you paying for)

2. About these spells that now are for FACC:
All ok with the soulbound runes (at the moment, lets see how it goes with further days), but with the strike spells I think is a but much. Maybe a creation of weaker strike spells for FACC will be ok (like the Lesser Healing spell in Novus), or give them 1 strike spell instead the three ones.
The spell "Magic Rope" for FACC, Im in completly disagree with it, because FOR ME be PACC means get more beneficts and be more comfortable with the gameplay.
I'll try to explain, there are many quests in FACC zone that you go down the hole and the "rope spot" is blocking by some fire or poison field, and by yourself obviously, so you need to move, use destroy field) while you try not to death by the creatures. It happened to me twice (Im FACC) and the "Experience" was amazing, feel the adrenaline(?), the things you have to do to dont death and escape. Later no matter if you died or if you escaped alive, then you think "man, I should be more careful or buy PACC to use Magic Rope". -dont know if you get my point-

3. Learn basic spells without buying it:
For me the old school experience means you have to tryhard to buy your first equipment, spells, etc...
But I understand the players who doesnt like to tryhard the very first moments of the gameplay and want to go a bit faster.
So all good with that change.

The changes is always good, and see that you are working on that and you hear the players, motivates me more and more with Medivia, keep working like that guys.
Greetings :)
Posted 5 months ago by Ramza Barbanethsson (76 Scout of Legacy) Quote
I'm happy to see the team adding necessary things to the game. Congratulations!

More buff for druids, I think you should start to be careful with the balance of the game. In my opinion the druid was already above all, now you buffed they while the Ice Hmm still being a useles rune after update.

Greetings, you are doing well my comment is constructive be careful with the balance
Posted 5 months ago by Yogo (324 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
Great addition, thank you!
Posted 5 months ago by Space Monkey (132 Scout of Legacy) Quote
I like the idea, but at this point it's not polished, since killing FACC with his own made runes now becomes worthless, they can bluntly AFK making runes and if someone would kill them there's no loot to be gotten besides blank runes. Maybe if the soul bounding would transfer to killer this could work.
Posted 5 months ago by Crowberry (75 Archmage of Prophecy) Quote
Awesome !!! def coming back to Medivia to explore this new update !!!
Posted 5 months ago by Olavotemrazao (25 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
Soulbound runes transfering to killer yeah... i just cannot see how it can be abused after thinking about it for 2 seconds :)

Also "tryharding" for your first spells and eq, yeah lol no. you just get free p set and some money to start if you just ask in chat, hell sometimes you dont have to ask because when people see new player in depo they give it to them without a word, its a good change

The only thing i disagree with are spells on novus, but i think you have some ideas for future of novus and its just the beginning. However Antidote makes Antidote Runes useless, and Magic Rope makes Al Dee sounds like a raving lunatic on his signs. "Lost without a rope?!" wtf is he talking about lmao i have magic rope, this guy smokes too much semak.
Posted 5 months ago by Heart of Legacy (13 None of Legacy) Quote
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