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Forum > Game Issues > As a team are ya'll just going to ignore the fact?
As a team are ya'll just going to ignore the fact?
That most people took a day off of work, spent 10 hours on a game as support for ya'll. To be hyped. Mana creating, giving a fuck about your game, putting my fucking time into your game..... Just to be taken away; a days worth of work. With no compensation? I wasted so much time of my life FOR YOU. and I regret it. I should've known that Tibia has nothing but Bad Juju. I haven't been this excited to play Tibia in over 7 years. I get a email. Just to have my fuckin emotions be toyed with.

And the only thing you can compensate me is that 50 % Spawn rate? Thats it? What about the time I put in before the 2nd crash. FUCK. Lets go to the first crash. All that exploring of your new map? New monsters. Near death experiences because I didn't know what I was agaisnt.? Just to be whiped. then the 2nd time? I don't care about the stages and cry is free, blow me. I care about the day I wasted yesterday for your game. And all I get is an apology and loot gone, sd's I bought gone, sd's/gfbs I created gone, the levels I took with my RL THAT I INVITED TO THIS SERVER. I BROUGHT HIM HERE. All that gone. And all we get is a fuckin apology.

Thanks. For that entire day I had yesterday full of energy to play your game. Just to wake up today, with 7 other games on my PC Whenever I get to play them. I most likely will. Last 4 days, haven't even touched them though. Thats the energy you just lost, because all I got was a fucking "sorry". Not no explanation of what, who, how. Just a sorry.
Posted 2 days ago by One Trick Jank (53 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
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