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Hi, i would like to move to the world of Pendulum, because of easier game, loot etc.
I heard, is a war on Pendulum. I dont want to take the risk of moving to a Pendulum and confrontation with war players, so i would like to ask what the current situation is in the server? Is there place for neutrals playing RPGs? maybe there is a guild who would like to invite me into their ranks.
Posted 4 weeks ago by Royal Med (155 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
I'm neutral and they still kill me, the guild wtt has makers to keep killing us when they get bored
Posted 4 weeks ago by Limhy (82 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
can any of the war players say anything about this?
Posted 3 weeks ago by Royal Med (155 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
well dont listen to limhy because hes a noob who abuses MC and bot,also is involved upon war but thinks he can play his makers free lmfao and is deleted right now also LOL
Posted 1 week ago by Whompinoner (39 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
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