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Necropolis The Hitman Mercenary Service
Dear Pendulers,

Good Day!
My name is Necropolis and I'm here to offer you my mercenary services in Pendulum.
If for whatever reason, you have a problem with someone or want a char dropping dead, I have the solution for you.
Please note that everything we will deal will be done remotely and extremely confidential, and you will never get to know my chars. Here is how it works:
If you want someone dead, send a parcel with the amount charged for the service to Necropolis The Collector, Carlin.
Once your order is received I will execute this job, in maximum of 3 days. The person you want dead needs to be an active player.

Once the job is done, I will send you back a letter where you will have the link to a screenshot showing the dead body of my target.
(note that this screenshot will be edited just to remove any relation to myself, in order to keep the anonymity of my many characters)

The price for my service is as follows:

- Target below lvl 80 = 5k
- Target from lvl 80-100 = 10k
- Target from lvl 100-130 = 20k
- Target from lvl 130-150 = 30k
- Target from lvl 150-180 = 40k
- Target from lvl 180-200 = 50k
- Target from lvl 200-250 = 75k
- Target from lvl 250-300 = 100k
- Target over lvl 300 = Service not available (*yet*)

I only go for a certain kill, therefore the maximum level for my target is 300 (for now).
If the target drops any loot, it will be sent to your depot together with my letter, to the city that your character is registered to..
I only do serious business and that's how i make my living, from time to time you can find this character will be online in case you have any inquiries, but you will never get to know the identity of my chars, and anonymity is part of my code.

At your service,

"Good day my name is Necropolis
I am formed of the dead
I am the harvester of the soul meat
And I suck the lives from around my bed
My own two sons I gave them breath
And I filled their living corpses with my bile
What humanity I knew I have long forgotten
For me eternity is nothing
But a short while"
Posted 1 month ago by Necropolis The Hitman (7 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
If you kill someone surely your character name will show up in the death list, thereby eliminating your anonymity?
Posted 1 month ago by Iago (17 Scout of Pendulum) Quote
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