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Medivia 4.02 - public test server
Dear players

We have decided to open a test server with a single purpose to find as many bugs as possible before the final release of the mainland update. Please note that this is rather a test server for die hard players as it forces you to start from scratch with Pendulum like rates. In such case we would like to invite you to join us and help us with it. The test server was opened with following features:

- Rates of Pendulum world in terms of experience and skills.
- 2x loot rate.
- 6x regeneration.
- "Utevo mono" spell to get 1 crystal coin for free.
- Free Temple Scroll in Medivia Store.
- No death penalty.
- Every account received premium time.
- Everyone starts from scratch on Novus.
- Everything is finite (runes, ammunitions, fluids, and so on) just like on any normal live world.
- Heavily restricted PVP limits.
- Maximum 50 players online at the same time.
- Lowered max idle time to 5 minutes.

Please keep in mind that this is not a fun server and should be taken seriously for its purpose. In case of players who do nothing in-game and they are not useful for us we will consider taking action such as banishment to allow other players to join the test server.

Also, the test server can be restarted or taken down at any moment. It is not guaranteed to be online at a specific time for that matter.

On a side note, as you may already know, the game client allows you to erase certain parts of your mini-map by context menu and "select from" along with "select to" option. You can select a rectangle from multiple floors. Once you use "Erase selection" available under the context menu it will erase all mini-map data within that rectangle.

In order to report bugs you have to use CTRL+Z option in-game.

The report will be sent to us with a position of your character and it should be relatively easy to use rather than using a forum for the same purpose. Please report grammar and other mistakes within NPCs using that way as well.

Anyway, in case of players with a lot of bug reports or with a critical bug report we will definitely consider some sort of reward :)

How to log into the test server:

1. Use your credentials in the state as of before server save of 07.02.2020 (snapshot for the test server was taken during that day).
2. Download a client from a link provided at the bottom of this post and run it.
3. Go to Options and check "Show test server login option" available under "Game" tab.
4. Type your credentials and select "Test server" under "Remember password".
5. Choose the character and log in.

You won't be able to login into a Live world with this game client, so there is no need to worry about possible mistakes.

The game client was marked as version 4.00 (with a version labeling change from X.X.X to X.XX). The game client was heavily reworked in general and among many improvements it does include following changes:

- The architecture of the game client is now 64-bit only.

- Major overhaul of all rendering engines including two heavily optimized software renderers (SDL2 -> Software and Blend2D).

Please note that in the beta version of 3.1.0 the SDL2 -> Software renderer was not optimized which in our test case resulted in about 9-10 fps in game. However, that has changed with 4.00 and now on our test computer the renderer is able to achieve 100 fps without issues.

- The game client does now fully utilize TrueType fonts instead of outdated bitmap fonts. In fact, all previously used bitmap fonts in the game client were fully replaced by anti-aliased TrueType fonts.

- Specific reworks in text rendering for optimized drawing of font glyphs.

- Collapse of multiple executables (D3D & OGL) into one main one with selectable rendering engine.

- Lagless walking fixes compared to beta of 3.1.0.

- OpenGL 1 & 2 rendering engines were collapsed into OpenGL as the the game client will choose OpenGL backend on its own depending on the underlying hardware.

Graphics options:

Please note the software renderers are very much useful in workstations where you are restricted from using or unable to use GPU accelerated rendering.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you do not get many fps with hardware renderers in general (OpenGL, DirectX or SDL2) you might want to try a software renderer to see if you can get a better gaming experience (Blend2D or SDL2 -> Software).

On a side note, I would very much appreciate if you could play on any new renderer (either SDL2 with any backend you feel is comfortable or Blend2D).

You can download the game client using the following link:
Posted 5 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Is it possible to use the old font?
To be honest, this one doesn't look very good.

Please, please make an option to keep the old font!
Posted 5 months ago by Mark The Vigilante (82 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
It is not possible and it won't be possible. Bitmap fonts are highly outdated and they do keep the game client away from evolving. Trust me, let it sink in and you will get used to it pretty fast.

Also, I will take the liberty of quoting myself from Discord:

UnknownI need to move with development of the game client, so I did implement actual TrueType fonts inside of it. They are very well anti-aliased and look really smooth. I will need them later on when I will be needing font scaling on the fly. Previously used bitmap fonts are highly outdated approach used in 90's and they cannot be rendered on the fly with variable hinting, height, outline, and so on. That is just how the game client evolves and it has nothing to do with personal feeling about it.

However, I did not compile .fc fonts inside game.wad/fonts/ and they are freely editable (instructions for fonts and how to load them), so if anyone wants to mess around with it I don't mind it. It is your choice to edit it, but we won't be getting back to old bitmap based fonts.
Posted 5 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
any chance for a linux client? I can, technically, launch this one using wine, but the performance is below abysmal.
I love the reworked image on the client login page though :D
Posted 5 months ago by Unusually Brave Tomato (186 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
Unusually Brave Tomatoany chance for a linux client? I can, technically, launch this one using wine, but the performance is below abysmal.
I love the reworked image on the client login page though :D

Hey, I'm afraid not. The game client for Linux will be released along with the main release as always. Test game clients are built for Windows only.

On a side note, you might want to try some other rendering engines and whether they do work fine under Wine :)
Posted 5 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
I have a house in osaris with some deco items from the store, when update goes live will my items be sent to the depot? If so, will I have to repurchase the store deco items?
Posted 5 months ago by Till Lindemann (120 Knight of Legacy) Quote
I think You should enable to test it with normal lvls, we dont have opportunity to test whole land with 8 lvl
Posted 5 months ago by King Hong (134 Scout of Pendulum) Quote
Does the font-update allow the client to evolve into emoji-era?
Posted 5 months ago by Rocco Hung (257 Knight of Legacy) Quote
@Iryont thanks for the tip, after changing to 'opengl' the game runs _VERY_ well even under wine
Posted 5 months ago by Unusually Brave Tomato (186 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
Brief feedback so far:

Test server: Found and reported a few bugs, I suggest you update us here in the Forum about what already have been solved, what is being solved and what will already be implemented just not now in the test, so people can focus on other things. I know that probably you guys are doing something like that in that third part program called "discord", but a LOT of people, me included, dont want to use a third part program to play/test the game, moreover being able to fast check these things here in a fixed forum topic witouth having to login/open a program and search for it would be much more conveninent. Also some directions in how we can help you would be good, by now im just wondering around, checking npc display itens that shouldn't be pickable, chatting with npcs, going up and down stairs, looking boards and things to see if the description is alright, talkings to npcs, etc
Minor bugs I found: some pickable items wich i reported with ctrl+ Z, some missing npcs wich i didin't reported because i think they will be implemented in the future like the one near some Mittendhof rails (how they work by the way?) and thats it.
Major, Critical bug: when i was walking to Arak, suddenly my screen got black and the only way to get out of it were turning off the computer and turning on again (i was using s2dl graphic option). Another big bug is my soundbar, all the 3 bars only goes from -60dB to 0dB.... so i cant experience any sound ingame at all.

Map Design and content: Its Huge! I don't know if its because the lower level, but it seems veeery huge, the walk from Mittendhoof to Arak felt a looong way. The size is good but it felt empty. Actually just to find the pass exit took a long time of walking empty mountain borders that leads to nothing (since i dont got exani hur up or boxes, maybe they lead to anything?). The road between "gaurg" pass and arak seemed kinda empty, as i was walking a big road with nothing but a single wolf here and there on the way, i hope this BIG world will be more filled, either with more mobs (even if they are low level mobs, just give more life to the continent) or with other things. Both cities i visited seem to have a good developed and unique lore, i've learned some of Mittendhoff and it's power runes and clans, still need to look better into Arak (by the way I loved the guard who gave me directions in Arak, so i finally bought utevo lux, couldn't find the same "help" in Mittendhof). Just after a brief passage into Arak, i think i found the new "poh" north east and died xD loved the fact that giant spiders will be near the city and inclusive can be lured near the northern exit, pretty sure old players will love that.

Sprites: Since i got to Mittendhof, I loved the new sprites, from the golden pillars, the bursting lava with its own ligh, the dwarven statue at the exit to the pass, to the barren style of ARAK, i liked everything but ONE thing..... Fields. I mean, they are not ugly or bad animatons, they just feel like they don't fit in with the rest of the game art style. The rest of the game got a "pixel art" style (wich I love) while Fire Field and Poison Field looks like they got a "high definition" art style, for me it felt like almost like putting some 3d game graphics inside a 2d game, not fitting at all, they looked even "ghostly", from another game. I am not a graphic artist but still i will try to give a suggestion about the fields: a color pallete with less colors but more contrasted ones, like your old fire fields have the classic "spiked border" and higher contrast between yellow and red. I REALLYYYY hope you either change the fields to your old sprites, of if you want to change, change it to something that fits better the art style of the rest of the game/update.

Great job so far, maybe tonight later i will login again and explore Arak and surroundings a bit more with my rook set xD, i hope you guys fix this field graphics and post some "directions" to us so we can help you better.

Edit: Played the test server for hours today, Great Job in the new Orc fortress, there i felt the land was "alive", a lot of snakes, rabbits wolves, i really wish south arak had more life like that part after the cycs in the way to new OF. Keep the good job you guys are doing great.
Posted 5 months ago by Vermillon (208 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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