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Hello guy's!

Is there a way to control this spawn preference ONLY for guild member's of both war team's? (ONLY for GUILD MEMBER'S (underlined guild member's) of war team's)

I gonna be honest with you, sometime's people are coming spawn's and telling me "I am a war player", kick's you out but in the end, it's a maker or someone that has only died and it's in neither both guild's. Everybody that has crossed me in a spawn can tell i respect this preference. For both side's as i am taking no part in this war. But i think some people are using this "preference" to benefit themselves and get perma spawn's.

I know war player's HAVE priority, of course they do, they are fighting each other so they need special time to level up. But war maker's? War pk's?
War is a word beeing used for everything now! Let's not make this huge confusion.

I hope i can get some feedback from community so we can work for a solution!
Let's all work for a better pendulum community as we have been doing over the past month's!

Posted 4 months ago by Sir Cabeza (248 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
You can always try to message some of the war players and kindly ask them.
Most likely they will help you out and tell you if it's them or enemy.
Posted 4 months ago by Thirdeye (40 Cleric of Pendulum) Quote
Or they just say are not responsible for neutral matters.
Recently 2 MS kicked me out of my ice golem respawn too.

Diosa Canales
Sanin Legendarios

Posted 3 months ago by Starfur (165 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
You can msg me if this happens and the player is not in any guild.
Posted 3 months ago by Untrackz Return (300 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
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