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FINALLY we are getting a new NA Server - and Low rate too! I think this is an awesome idea. I couldn't play in 2017 and most of 2018 so myself and a few of my friends missed Destiny's launch. We have been waiting this entire time for a new NA server to launch before we played again.

Thank you to Iryont and the dev team.

See you all in December!
Posted 4 months ago by Warframe (41 Ranger of Prophecy) Quote
Why dont you create a new server hosted in SA? You already have a server with same specs hosted in NA, and no one in SA. The community of SA is the biggest one.
Posted 4 months ago by Daimum (14 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
IryontOur current architecture does not allow us to create more than two nodes (NA and EU), so I cannot host any SA world for that matter. Also, I do not find any useful hosting companies there.
Posted 4 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Loony Jerome
Non-PvP Normal/Pendulum rates EU could bring new players in.

Meanwhile, you’re screwing yourself in the longer term, Iryont. Quick money from war teams is not something stable, recent changes might give you cash now, but it’s not sustainable when average age of player here is like 30 and there’s no new players.

Gl, hf.

The average age of the players in Medivia is EXACTLY why we need a NON-PVP server.

I quilted Medivia for good when I got power abused a few weeks after the launch of Destiny, I just don't have the time to deal with such BS anymore... I only want to enjoy the classic gameplay that only Medivia can bring without constantly worrying about that aspect of the game (and I enjoyed PVP a lot back in the day).
Posted 4 months ago by Papayon (18 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
Open new Pendulum in Europe if anything. Nothing else makes sense tbh, just dividing players even more and each and every world will be more empty and boring to play > ppl quit.
Posted 4 months ago by Damgrath (37 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
I would totally join a Non-PvP server, normal rates, Pendulum-like rates, doesn't matter.

To be honest, when I saw the name "Unity" I thought for a second we finally got it.
Posted 4 months ago by Toq (133 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
I just can’t believe that you guys gonna open another server with the same rates. Lets see the facts...
1- people like rates like pendulum, cool regen, and nice drop, the most people I believe.
2- there are a lot of players that only play for the rpg, like me and my friends, Why not a server non pvp to those people that dont have time to waste in pvp.
3- I know that your goal is make money, I know that, but listen just a little bit the feedback of your players, at least once...

People want a server like pendulum in EU, and a lot of people want a non pvp server with a nice regen, this is fun!
Posted 4 months ago by Zamulosh (81 Druid of Pendulum) Quote
Better a server called "Disunited"

BCS Unity just send me to a server N-PVP
Posted 4 months ago by Sir Cloud (225 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
Come on, it doesn't make any sense another low rate... There is Destiny low amount of players, Legacy which is forever and prophecy with half players online are makers...
Why not a High rate EU for people that can't grind like hell?

Best if new server would have more coop friendly task system and high/mid rate EU.
Posted 4 months ago by Foolz (89 Ranger of Prophecy) Quote
How ironic that the worlds name is 'Unity' when all it does is divide the community even more
Posted 4 months ago by Prolly Afk (14 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
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