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Dear players

Medivia Online is a game which gives players the possibility to journey into the wonderful lands of our mysterious fantasy world, filled with magic and beauty. During their journey on Medivia Online, players are allowed to choose from one of four vocations - unique classes which require different playing skills and present different challenges and benefits. The beauty of Medivia Online lies within its interactive community, old-school pixel-art and challenging game-play. The game enables players to roam infinitely across the plains together with their friends. Exploring, interacting in guilds, participating in conflicts, team-hunting, questing and designing your own house decorations are just a few of the features Medivia Online has to offer. What makes the game different to others is that the individual skill of the player and personalised gameplay have a great impact on things such as the profitability of a hunt, the outcome of a quest and even the hierarchic standing of the player within the community.

That being the case we know how thrilled players can be when everyone has an equal chance to stand up against others and with the fact that last permanent world of Medivia launched almost a year ago still being highly active to this day we have decided to announce a new world Unity which will be hosted in North America (Canada) and will have the same rates as Legacy, Destiny and Prophecy. It will launch on the Friday of 13th of December 2019, at 20:00 CET. The registration for this world is now open.

We believe that customization is very important for players to be able to become a character they truly want to be. That the reason why there are tons of new amazing outfits, a possibility to change your skin color and new addons to obtain through epic quests.

The house system is a feature created for players to freely customize their houses as they wish. Decorative items are available to be purchased from the store or obtained from the many tasks, creatures, quests and events that Medivia has to offer. You bought a house but don't like the floor? Change it as you please. Your lights are green but the rest of your decoration follows a certain bloody theme? Switch them for red ones, destroy them, sell them or simply move them elsewhere! During the last year, we have added a large variety of different decoration pieces to the store, available for players to purchase and use to customize their house environment to their heart's desire.
Once unpacked, store-purchased decoration items become house-bound and cannot be moved outside unless they are packed back up again, after which you are free to move them elsewhere and even sell them to other players.

The fishing system is a new feature that was introduced as a way of adding more depth to the gameplay and getting rid of macro farms that were flooding the worlds with cheap food. Different species of fish can now be found in waters all over the land. Fish pools are a common sight, allowing for a quick and easy catch. Fishing is still possible in regular water blocks, although it is much more inefficient and time-consuming when looking for rare fish! The different types of fish are separated into tiers based on where and when you try to catch them, the quality of the rod you use and your fishing skill level.
Thanks to this, players that fish often can improve their chances of catching rare fish that play a very important role in our cooking system.

The farming and cooking systems present the player with the opportunity to temporarily enhance their skills and abilities with delicious meals, created by mixing together and cooking various ingredients in cooking pots. You can grow vegetables and fruits in your house using planting pots or at public farms near cities. You can mix these with different fish and foods dropped by creatures in order to create the most nutritious and delicious meals possible!

The mining system introduces 11 different types of ores that can be found anywhere on Medivia, from the highest mountain top to the deepest cave! The rarest of ores can only be found in remote places that are often home to very dangerous creatures. Acquiring expensive metals may be risky, but it can also be very rewarding! You can smelt ores into bars and use them to create some of the best equipment you can imagine!

Seasons system and events:
Each year the game grows bigger and bigger, giving players the chance to experience new things and explore many new quests and areas. But even all that can sometimes get tedious, that's why we decided to further liven up the game through seasonal world changes. Currently, we have autumn and winter seasonal changes that change the way the game looks during different periods of the year.

Autumn brings leaf fall, the darkening of colors, and chilly winds that herald the coming of winter. The citizens of Medivia prepare to harvest the last crops before the snow comes. Everything slowly becomes subject to rot and decay, bringing a sense of longing for the warmth of spring.
With the coming of autumn, mysterious and evil forces plot destruction, the dead rise from their graves and leave behind mysterious coins that can be exchanged for festively-themed decoration items and helpful tools.

And so, the Halloween event begins. Hordes of ghouls and skeletons prepare for the return of their master, the Face of Decay, rising on the 31st of October to bring death and ruin to the land.

This demonic beast must be defeated in order to bring light and harmony back to the lands of Medivia! Each player that participates in the event receives a certain reward from a mysterious chest. The reward is based on participation points, granted depending on the player's vocation as well as the amount of damage they deal and receive! Along with this reward, the player is also granted the ability to purchase the Vampire outfit addons.

Soon after that, the cold comes, animals begin changing the color of their fur and the first snows fall on the earth, covering the land in a thick white blanket, thus marking the beginning of winter.

This frigid season brings with it the air of festivity and joy, as well as the coming of a certain jolly old man known for giving out presents!
Players are tasked with sending each other gift-wrapped presents containing fun and interesting items. If they deliver enough presents, the main event is triggered, causing evil goblins and grinshes who try to rob us of our joy to appear all over the cities. The overworked Santa Claus is nowhere to be found, and nobody is aware that he has been kidnapped and is imprisoned by evil goblin magic, with the intention of stopping Christmas! Players are tasked with weakening the goblins' magic and freeing Santa from their greedy clutches. If successful, Santa rewards us with a Christmas chest containing decorations and helpful items that aren't normally obtainable.

The referral system allows players to earn interesting decorative items and outfits by helping increase Medivia's population. When a player sends another player a referral link, and that player buys a premium account, the first player receives a referral point, which can then be used to purchase things, similarly to the Strife point system. The rewards grow with each following month the newcomers continue to purchase premium.
We believe that customization is very important for players, so we strive to enable the user to develop their character and play the game in any way they want. Some of the additions that allow this are the many new attractive outfits, the ability to change skin color and new addons that can be obtained through epic quests.

Support various factions, help other races and gain their trust to bring peace back to the lands of Medivia! Factions are a series of unique missions and tasks which push you to face creatures you wouldn't otherwise attempt, explore places you never knew existed and reward you with valuable items and equipment, access to new hunting spots, travel routes and even a new spell for each vocation!

These are just some of the reasons why you should become a part of this great and growing community! Make friends, create or join a guild, gather a team and participate in epic quests, raids and global events! Every year, several large events are hosted - participate in them and receive a reward, or hide from the evil and go home empty-handed!

If you have any questions regarding the game feel free to ask or join us on our Discord server!
Posted 8 months ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
The Medivian Universe does not have enough capacity for this server.
Posted 8 months ago by Steve Hawkwings (117 Scout of Pendulum) Quote
Man, I was hoping for a new server/world when the revamped mainland arrives. But this will do, will start playing on it anyways.
Posted 8 months ago by Ice Bolter (112 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
1) Will not the new server launch be coupled with the new continent launch?

2) Will the cooking system be revamp?

Posted 8 months ago by Joel (338 Knight of Destiny) Quote
Don't make new one.
Posted 8 months ago by Well (334 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
As soon as I read the name "Unity" I thought that you guys where finally giving us a Non-PVP server

Oh well...
Posted 8 months ago by Papayon (18 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
I think there should be something diffrent in this server. We have already 3 servers with same rates, we dont need another one.
Also why hosted in NA ?
Maybe some poll about server config and host?
Posted 8 months ago by Narack Lionheart (261 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
Amazing notice!
Posted 8 months ago by Rxpjxzz (8 Cleric of Destiny) Quote
3 servers exactly the same?
Whats the strategy behind it?
Why not creating a non pvp server? We dont have any yet.
Posted 8 months ago by unknown Quote
Amazing notice !!
Posted 8 months ago by Dze'jk (81 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
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