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Second season of Strife
Dear players

Four weeks have passed since the close of the first iteration of Strife world.
Strife is a PvPE world with a strictly restricted season of a month after which the world will be shut down and top 10 players will receive special Strife points on their account to spend on fascinating rewards such as the Hussar outfit, Omen dolls and Mimic chests. Players that decided to save their points will be able to buy special Strife mystery boxes, access to royal mailboxes or Djinns to have a better start in the early game.

The idea of Strife is to be PvP Enforced which means you will receive experience points for killing higher leveled players. The rates will be the same as Pendulum. Players can also receive experience points for killing a player with a lower level only if their level difference is not too large, otherwise, the attacker will not receive any experience points.

Between each Strife season, there will be one month off during which we will introduce changes based on your feedback and to give players time to register for a new season.

This edition will bring a few changes such as:
• Length of a season has been reduced to one month.
• Amulet of Loss and Blessings are now available. They can be bought from NPCs or through the store.
• Gefuin in Garrogat now sells Strife mystery boxes for Strife points (only on Strife).

There will be no changes to the find person spell, so there still will be a vague description without any direction.

Below you can find more information about Strife:

This season, Strife will be hosted in France, EU.
The world is now open for registration. It will be launched at Friday, October 11 @ 20:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time), 10 hours after server save.
Posted 10 months ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Hello, why did they say it was going to take only 3 weeks at each STRIFE session?
THANK YOU for posting the date of the next strife server!
the clientele of this server will grow because many of us want to invest nothing more in this type of servers
Posted 10 months ago by Traga Bola (34 Cleric of Prophecy) Quote
So 3 weeks or one month?
What stages? i know same as pendulum but i cant find it anywhere
Posted 10 months ago by Narack Lionheart (261 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
1 level to 10 level: 20x
11 level to 20 level: 15x
21 level to 40 level: 10x
41 level to 60 level: 8x
61 Level to 80 Level: 6x
81 Level to 130 Level: 3x
130+ Level: 2x

Loot: 3x
Skill: 4x
Magic Level: 3x
Posted 10 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Top50 transferred to pendulum? What are you doing...
Posted 10 months ago by Keyefsy (86 Scout of Pendulum) Quote
wisin and yandel representing the league this time there is no clemency for anyone whoever comes
Posted 10 months ago by Gran kr (66 Ranger of Prophecy) Quote
Posted 10 months ago by Yandell (71 Scout of Pendulum) Quote
Top50 is nice that going to pendulum, you won't lose your time invested.
Posted 10 months ago by Luxia (72 Druid of Prophecy) Quote
These are actually good changes regarding the new exiva system! I hope it come to be vanilla after some seasons :)
Posted 10 months ago by unknown Quote
Hey community, whats up?
Just wondering, are we going to get more Strife seasons?

Hail Strife
Posted 9 months ago by Highlander (124 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
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