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Strife highscores of season I
Dear players

The first edition of Strife has ended and the game world was closed until the next season.
We hope that you had great fun fighting, especially in the very first week, when all of you had relatively low levels and there were many opponents to fight with.
Have in mind that this iteration was considered as an experimental edition.
We would like to know your feedback - what you didn't like, what should be removed or added. Please write your opinions in the comments below this post.


1. Checkmatez
2. Pregonerox
3. Strifezudo
4. Duke Caboom
5. Yeimmy
6. Zoltank Sword
7. Ayes Intoxicated
8. Tony One Eye
9. Yetiman
10. Tony No Hands


Players that remain in the top 10 will receive 50 Strife points, which they can spend on special rewards:

Hussar outfit
An outfit to show others your awesome skill and power. Base costs 10 points and each addon 20.

Omen dolls
Dolls to decorate your house with. Each doll costs 5 points.
Azeran and Isingoma arent buyable. Perhaps a certain elf will want to exchange omens for them.

Mimic chest
A animated container to keep all of your legendary items within. Each chest costs 10 points.

Players that will decide to save their Strife points for the next edition will be able to exchange them for one of the following rewards:
• Access to Blue or Green Djinn (Marid or Efreet Faction) [25 points]
• Access to Royal Mailboxes (Postman Quest) [25 points]
• Small Strife mystery box [10 points]
• Medium Strife mystery box [15 points]
• Large Strife mystery box [25 points]

Mystery boxes contain items that will help you in the early game - if you were in top 10, you clearly deserved it.
Have in mind that these gameplay shortcut rewards can be only purchased on Strife world. The rest can be spent on other servers.

How to claim your rewards?
In Garrogat, there will be an NPC that will exchange your Strife points for rewards.

As promised, Strife server location will rotate each season. The next edition will be hosted in France.
We also decided to reduce the duration of the next seasons. From now, Strife world will last three weeks, followed by two weeks long break after each season.
We are aware that some players couldn't prepare items to transfer or they haven't used their premium scrolls on Strife because we closed server without notice.
That's why we decided to transfer all characters above level 50 to Pendulum.

We will notify you about the start date as soon as we introduce the changes and rewards for Strife.
Posted 9 months ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
What I did not like, there are many free access for example shakir, foreig land, death penance losing a lot of ML, skills etc ... but belive there should be blessing and that they serve for the ML And skills And exp when you die for creatures, and if you have blessing and a player kill u or several player kill u,
lose as if you had no blessing but only in the exp ... I think it would be more fair
Posted 9 months ago by Karsax (125 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
what I liked the most, up levels in fights and the exiva, was the best ... and the rewards are great but I don't see him say anything about the 650 medivia coin ... and annexing this he created that the Strifer points should be able to be sold or passed on to other characters ... since people like me for killing pendulum leaders in Strifer will be hunted when they pass me to pendulum and it's no use having the Strifer if I can't sell them or give the outfit to a friend. .. the outfit and addons should be like a scroll to be able to sell them or exchange with other players for items or something else
Posted 9 months ago by Karsax (125 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
OMG the Holibar doll is so cute!! <3
Posted 9 months ago by Stabby Michu (217 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Hi. I like what your doing with strife. I have feedback, that maybe! All of the experience you collected and skills and magic level time, etc, should be transfered to a character you have on a NON pvp world. So each time you play strife itis all accumulated to your non pvp character. What d'ya say?
Posted 8 months ago by Shortknight (72 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
It was fun and entertaining to play strife good fight ... and other things to the characters that happened that had item in their house can get it on pendulum?
Posted 8 months ago by Cronnos (16 Scout of Destiny) Quote
Hey so We can expect on the next server to get all the lvl 50s+ transfer to pendlum? + items? if so then i guess is worth the try to play this server... i didnt play the last one because i heard everyone exept the top 10 would be transfered to Pendlum, if you can confirm thank you
Posted 8 months ago by Gonzaloxz (23 Warrior of Pendulum) Quote
Great rewards, really liked it!
I've play a little bit on Strife, not sure if enough to actually have a word on it, but I believe that maybe blessings should be allowed. When you can afford it it you are already on mid-late game on the server.
Anyway, good job!
Posted 8 months ago by Dextok (134 Archmage of Destiny) Quote
What is the official kick off time?
Posted 8 months ago by Striflin (27 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
greetings I would like to know when they are going to open the new server, are we waiting for a long time and do not announce the date?
Posted 8 months ago by Pally Pao (20 Warrior of Prophecy) Quote
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