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Test server
Dear players

We would like to hear your feedback and opinions about new formulas and changes in how two-handed weapons will work, therefore we decided to open a public test server, where you can run some test by yourself. In such a case, we would like to invite you to join us.

All worlds were collapsed into one world from the server save on 24th of August, 2019.

Please keep in mind that this is not a fun server and should be taken seriously for its purpose. In case of players who decide to log in only to mess around, we will consider taking action such as banishments to allow other players to test without interruption. Also, the test server can be restarted or taken down at any moment. It is not guaranteed to be online at a specific time for that matter.

You can download the game client using the following link:

In order to login into the test server, you have to go to Options and check "Show test server login option" available under "Game" tab. After that you type in your data from 24th of August, 2019 then you select "Test server" under 'Remember password" and you should be good to go. You won't be able to login into a real world, so there is no need to worry about possible mistakes.

On test server, all runes have infinite charges.
Posted 10 months ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Not sure how hard is it but will be possible to join test server on mac?
Posted 10 months ago by Dol'gith (94 Cleric of Pendulum) Quote

So i have testet for 1.5 hour server and what can i say.

Saw 2 hand weapon ATK:
MLS - 80
Guardian halberd 69
dragon lance 70
demonic axe [im using it] 77
broad swoed 39
double axe 40 ? 42? dont remember.

It is amaizing change becouse i am person who love 2 hands weapons. But what i can say about that deelay, is why we have to get more deelay if we hit harder - it doesnt change anything if also we loose defense of weapon [demonic axe from 28 to 14]. Also defense of our weapon + skill + axe ring was Ok idea for this demonic axe. Now monster hit me hard, and also i hit hard [after change deelay for 2sec] so it is preety balanced. I am wondering how the ATK has changed in weapons cause of demonic axe is 1kk item nearly and dragon lance 15k item. It is only 7 points diference.

I have heard about that boost berserker, but what if knight can have a spell wich improve our weapons for 1-2 minutes ? or skill ? would be more nice then imbue weapons as on real tibia. thats why i dont play real tibia becouse it goes to imbue items. Now that prays and other crap. I am old school player, rpg. Still waiting witch update venore cause my house on POH. What will happend? do i have keep house empty ? IDK what to do - any answers from our great Medivia Team would be really nice in that moment. Thank you.
Posted 10 months ago by Berserkir (140 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Love the changes, keep up the good work
Posted 10 months ago by Rew Claes Moses (48 Warrior of Prophecy) Quote
I am one of those who has no problem with the old formula
but how random is the knight DMG average and how this tends to the minimum
Then I did some DMG average tests with my char in the test server

Knight lv 106
Skill 100
SoV 48 atk

Monster = 5x Giant Spider

was 68 turns less the last 5 turns = 63 turns

DMG per turn:

1* miss/puff==== 11
2* 1 to 50======= 9
3* 51 to 100==== 16
4* 101 to 150=== 14
5* 151 to 200==== 8
6* 201 to 250==== 4
7* 250+ ======== 1

I liked the NEW DMG formula and how much DMG i did
i not made any test comparing in the normal server but is visible the difference

Anyway this random average DMG keeps bothering me even with this new update!

Like u can see the average continuous to tends to the minimum DMG
If u consider the numbers 1* and 2* like the minimum and 5* 6* 7* with the maximum
We have 20 minimum hits versus 13 maximum

Like i said before my only problem with knight DMG is face a rat and 80% of times spends 2 or 3 attacks to kill him

SO i really hope that average changes for knights also paladins too
Posted 10 months ago by Sir Cloud (225 Warrior of Pendulum) Quote
I think the changes are much needed for the meele of paladins and knights..i only tested paladin for 5 minutes due to time, but i belive it is a good update and is much needed as a paladin player as i cannot speak that much for a knight...but i highly agree on the paladin increase on meele damage..good work team and keep it up! (^_^)
Posted 10 months ago by Joe Blow (54 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
Hi, I accidently got banned on the test server, when will I get unbanned? It says my character is locked.
Posted 10 months ago by Leijonhufvud (97 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
realy need rework on pallys they hitting like knights with weapon atk 50 and ammo are atk 34 >< and maybe add a bit more dmg on burst for every ml
maybe old formula is ok for pallys but upgrade ammos better atks

Sorry bad english.
Posted 10 months ago by unknown Quote
Player while walking on new mage outfit, there are some white pixels that doesnt change with the color palette

also could you unban my char "javs reborn"
Posted 10 months ago by Javs Reborn (235 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Can you unban my character on testserver please didn't know you could get banned on it, only killed 1 person and a noob char that stepped into my exori, i'm one of the top skilled knights and havent even got to test anything.
Posted 10 months ago by Anarcho Capitalist (195 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
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