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what about sword fighters? smart ones were using sov without shield and with another light source like 2x wand of light or some other combos, right now there on lost position just cuz of attributes of wearing shield
it's still easier to get demonic/great axe than executioner sword for example

our items that we have already are going to be empty or random attributes?
Posted 7 months ago by Giovanni Puccini (168 Warrior of Prophecy) Quote
Cool that game keeps developing.
I'm a little bit concerned that attributes added to body equipment will make mage even more OP:
• Intelligence - increases your magic level by 1 to 3 (works only for mages)
this increases dmg and heal, while
• Precise - increases your distance skill by 1 to 3
only increases dmg
also there is no bonus to dmg for body equipment for knights!
overall interesting ideas for bonuses, but I feel it's imba ;/
Posted 7 months ago by Rogue (37 Warrior of Prophecy) Quote
The old item system of Tibia/Medivia/7.4 or w/e has always been lack lusting and this adds some more rpg feel or rather adds more depth and rng addicting fun. I can see why some people don't like this because they think it can either be to good or takes away from the nostalgia which is the only reason some people play.

But items being more Diablo alike is something I see as good and not bad and for me it doesn't go to "I can play Diablo if I want that.", because Medivia and Diablo is way diff type of game and style.

The best thing about Medivia is the never ending progression, however items lack this and the attributes won't solve it. We still need new items and more depth to them.

Another thing that lack this progression that lvls does is skills when you reach a certain point they just stop advancing almost. I think this could also be looked into, but everything like this has a risk of changing the balance of the 7.4 which most people here sees as a core for the game. Which is if it's interrupted or changed away from too much you run the risk of destroying the game and losing most of your players.

TLDR: I'm for changes, just take care and stay true to the original.
Posted 7 months ago by Sir Fredde (437 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
I'm enjoying the directions the game is taking.

Posted 7 months ago by Sir Cloud (225 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
I love the idea of the attributes. Will there be anything that could combine the light wands? Like the Red spellwand from Fire Devil be combined with Blue Spellwand from Orc Shaman, so it could change between both colours?
Posted 7 months ago by Runmakker (23 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
I dont like 2 things:
- attributes devided into weapon's type, different for axes, swords and clubs
Ppl already trained specific melee skills long time ago so it's little unfair to add stuff like that now.

I strongly dislike the current idea for those Magic Stones to improve our gear. Simply adding them to NPC kills all the thrill of getting them. And what is even worse (if I understand it correctly) even if you pay for the stone you cannot be sure what attribute you gonna add to your item- it will be pure rng.
My idea would be that stones are just another lootable item, still with 3 tiers for rare, very rare and extremely rare items. Tier1 could be dropped from lowlvl monsters like Minotaur Mages, Elf Arcanists etc; tier2 could be dropped from midlvl monsters like Warlocks or Tar Priests and the toptier could be dropped by endgame stuff like Undead Dragons, PoA bosses(or even new bosses introduced for that purpose). Rarity could be set differently for each type of the stone. To add an attribute to our item we could need more than just the stone(s)- some ores or skinnables, or even some 'normal' items + cash for some magic smith NPC who would do it for us(if we want this money sink so much).

Just my 2 words, looking forward for this patch.
Posted 7 months ago by Rakshy (347 Druid of Legacy) Quote
I really dislike this patch.

Why don't you add new weapons and equipment to monsters and make armor more important to physical damage?
As someone mentioned, same weapons since 1997..
we have so much new content etc. but lack so much of new equipment
Posted 7 months ago by unknown Quote
I think u should remove the vocation requirement
Posted 7 months ago by Fun Dark (265 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
Wait what, can you buy stones from NPCs? Should be only dropped from monsters wtf... xd
Posted 7 months ago by Sir Fredde (437 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
First of all, I full agree with @Boris the Bloody @Zirgos @Aldarius Damodred @King Avicii @Cactus @Spo Damodred

Second, most of people play this game by the 7.4 feeling, by the nostalgia, the solid community is about these players. With this "change" you are taking off the features of our nostalgia 7.4 feelings.

Do you want new players? or satisfy the old ones ? Just add new citys, new monsters, new areas and quests, we are more than 2 years without a good patch that brings new big citys like abukir or forgula (very good job aswell!!!!!!!!)

Don't change the ESSENCE of the game, the essence is everything (7.4 feelings and nostalgia), and you started to change it taking off our teleport with pots, and making us to pay for a free service that was a good essence of the game.

Just give us new areas, weapons, monster and stuff, don't change the essence man, please, we are a solid community.

A lot of players back to the game or just made a new start because the "new" content patch about the old graphics, but with this direction the game is getting, some of regular and new players will start leaving ...

I really care about the game, if i didn't, i wasn t texting a big text here.

With love and education,
Warlock Crusader.
Posted 7 months ago by Warlock Crusader (292 Knight of Destiny) Quote
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