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House competition
Dear Players,

We would like to announce another competition, this one will be repeated each year.
This competition is about decorating your house or guild hall.

Each player in order to join needs to have at least one item bought through the store.
The reason for this competition is to encourage players to decorate their houses even more, this way making the cities way prettier.

If you are creative and capable of creating an interesting atmosphere, and you enjoy mixing colors and items together then this competition is for you!
The house decoration competition will be divided into three parts, in each certain amount of people houses will be rejected, so in each part, only the best ones will remain.
In third, we will announce the winners and each one of them shall receive their personal order along with special reward.

Competition ends on the 25th of August.

The houses will be rated by these categories:
• Creative arrangement of objects (Mixing objects on top of another to create great results)
• The theme of the house (knights house, Halloween, sacred, witch house etc.)
• Light distribution (How the house looks at night)
• Skilful use of colors. (Certain coloristic theme that shall be followed)

How to join:
• Use of unofficial sprites or improving the picture using the graphical program is prohibited.
• The player has to post his screenshot within this topic.
• The player who posts the screenshot has to be the one visible on the screenshot itself (so we will know if the house belongs to you).
• The screenshot has to be made using the option "Don't stretch/shrink game window" available under Options -> Graphics.
• The screenshot has to made using "Classic View" option available under Options -> Game.
• The screenshot should contain two images - one at day and one at night. (otherwise, you will get 0 points in light distribution category)
• Ideally, the screenshot dimensions should be 482 x 354 pixels (The screen with one pixel of the black frame).


The rewards:
Only three players will win the competition, along with it all of them shall receive 30 days of premium and 250 Medivia coins.
You can post any amount of screenshots in this thread until 25th of August.
Posted 1 month ago by Eldrin (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Proud of my (Listen Lady) Marketplace 2 in Cirone, featuring Heelsinu!

Posted 1 month ago by Le'mon (35 Archmage of Legacy) Quote

Posted 1 month ago by Plopp (210 Ranger of Legacy) Quote

Posted 1 month ago by Miss Jill (171 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Posted 1 month ago by Gatter (370 Druid of Pendulum) Quote

Posted 1 month ago by Lord Apell (201 Druid of Pendulum) Quote
A Forest Within ft. Heaven & Hell

Posted 1 month ago by Boquetbladez (325 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
i call it le'poor

Posted 1 month ago by Javs Reborn (191 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Javs top3 for sure =D
Posted 1 month ago by Bleble (281 Ranger of Legacy) Quote

Posted 4 weeks ago by Royal Viper (181 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
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