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Welcome Medivians!
In today's post, we're presenting you a new city! On the northern shore lies the frosty and vast city of Thoris.
I don't think there is a city as rich and open to merchants as Thoris in the whole land of Medivia. With access to the sea and relatively safe routes to other cities, the city is traders. You will meet here a lot of merchants, stalls, a market hall full of shops and even a functioning merchant guild and banks. As you know, however, where there is a lot of gold, there must also be a lot of thieves. More precisely, the entire thieves' guild, but we will leave them to find by yourself. Just don't get caught or killed.
For those of you who are particularly interested in the plot, we ensure you that we have made sure that Thoris is not too similiar to other cities, also in the topic of the ruling regime. The city does not have a king, and the most important person is the richest of merchants, so all buyers still compete with each other who in a given year will win the largest shares. Thoris is also so rich that instead of training and recruiting soldiers, it preferred to hire a mercenary company. Their camp will be found on the outskirts and you can possibly help them with their problems. Do you still remember when we mentioned terrorists?
We invite you to view photos and comment. If you have additional questions about Thoris and the surrounding area, take a look at our discord, jump into Lore Discussion!

Posted 1 year ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
The city and new graphics are looking great!
Posted 1 year ago by Avyssus (211 Ranger of Destiny) Quote

Congratulations to the Medivia team! You guys are managing to give a lot of personality to your game.
And I`m loving the way that the game is being developed. More realistic graphics, a somewhat more realistic color palette, without vibrant collors in excess.
AND YOUR RPG IS INSANELY GOOD! Is like if you guys have had classes from the old school Knightmare! hahahahhaa.
Im just hoping that you can get to add more books ingame with your own lore. The npc talks are quite good and we usually are able to get all info needed from them, however finding a book on the middle of a dungeon telling a story from the evil guys perspective, or some kind of curiosity, is priceless!

Keep up the good work guys!
Posted 1 year ago by Bad Vibes (153 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
Winter is coming!!
Some shots reminds me I'm going to Winterfell to train with Jon Snow.
Posted 1 year ago by Tarantonio (8 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
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