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Forum > Game Issues > Huge random lag spikes / freezes
Always in random time between 6pm -10pm got randomly up to 3k pign even i can use yt ,browers etc in same time with no problems
Posted 3 weeks ago by Wee Wee (187 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Had same problem here today... Sometimes I can't move for 20-30 seconds or so and my ping can range up to almost 8000 ping for that moment, and then go back to normal.
Posted 3 weeks ago by Nevi (275 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
I think somthing wrongs is with the cams system, 1or 2 days ago when we fight i have cam recorder ON and when we are so many on screen and spam gfb, mw, cast spells etc. i have rly big freezes.
Posted 3 weeks ago by Adarhia (216 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
SlymantisRecently there has been on going freezes/lag spikes that happen intermittently. Sometimes I can't move for 10 seconds or so and my ping can range up to almost 9000 for that moment, and then go back to normal. After speaking with others they are also suffering the same issue, so I wanted to make this thread for people to sign. I have run multiple tests on my internet as well as calling my ISP and I don't have any problems. I also don't have this problem when playing other games AND when this occurs I'm still connected to TS / Discord. This is only a problem with Medivia.

Please could you post if you are suffering from this same issue, and potentially staff could help to resolve the problem.

Would be nice to have a format, in which people can describe their issues. Because now people are just simply telling you 'yes i have the issue' and you still don't know any details why it is occurring...

Here's some questions to think about... that might give more detailed information:

At what time and date did you experience the lagg?
What were you doing at that moment in-game?
What were you doing on your computer at the time you noticed it (other programs running)?
How long does the lag remain?

What have you done so far, in order to get rid of the lag?
Which game-client are you using? (Open-GL or DirectX)?
Do you have alot of markers in your minimap?
Is your VIP list fully marked with people and are all of these online?
Do you have V-Sync turned on in your game-settings?
Are you playing from a WIFI connection or directly connected through cable?
Posted 3 weeks ago by Dead Eye (243 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
Player < a gallery of some spikes with date and time. Just a few, I already had like the triple of this but just took the screenshot of this ones. In this last days I've been hunting hydras with a friend and already got some of this lag spikes while killing a hydra, so pretty risky, fortunately when this happened my friend healed me with his own uhs.
I have chrome and spotify running on background, but imo this is not the issue since I've been playing with this programs in background a long time ago.
This lag spikes last like 3 to 5 seconds, rarely goes to 10 seconds, but still, very often.
I haven't done anything to get rid of the lag, just waited until the lag spike is gone. And I haven't done anything because I think is not an issue of my pc or my isp, since i play another games and never get this werid lag spikes.
Im using the direct-x client. Not many markers on map.
I have most of the people in my VIP with an icon, but just showing online, so not many icons on screen.
V-sync: Off. Playing directly connected through cable.
Thanks to dead eye for making this questions.

Something else to add is that when I log in to the game (around 14:00 central time), I'm usally getting lots of this spikes, it gets better while playing at night (around 21:00-22:00 central time) but sometimes I do get a few spikes like 2h before ss.
Posted 3 weeks ago by Javs Reborn (164 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Game Master
If you having hard lag spikes, please send me message at Discord with exact time of it and server on which you play. Screenshot would be nice but it's not necessary.
Posted 3 weeks ago by GM Madragor (2 None of Legacy) Quote
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