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Forum > Game Issues > Logged in and saw myself sleeping in my bed..
Logged in and saw myself sleeping in my bed..
Hello, as my title says, this morning I logged in and was online on Jiks. Meanwhile I could visibly see myself still asleep in my own bed... bug?

Day Two... I witnessed myself sleeping in my bed once again as I logged in. Sleeping didn't regain any mana when eating food before going to sleep in this bed... however, upon right clicking my own sleeping self in the bed, the mana I should have gotten was instantly added to my mana pool and sleepy Jiks poofed into oblivion.
Posted 7 months ago by Jiks (57 Archmage of Prophecy) Quote
Damn, another story to add to my horror stories of Medivia Online, please send a screenshot
Posted 7 months ago by Comic Sans (20 Sorcerer of Prophecy) Quote
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