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I bid myself on auction

Simple topic

I wanted to increase the maximum amount of gold what I'm able to pay for this house because during the save server i would be in work, and i wanted to be sure that i will win this auction but on website, i see that i would pay that amount of what i bid on the first time. In my opinion, it's ridiculous.

You ll give me back the money or something?

There is link to this auction:

Thanks u and happy new year :)
Posted 2 weeks ago by Mr Postman (26 Scout of Prophecy) Quote

It is not possible to cancel a bid. If no one outbid you, then you will have to pay the amount you bid for the house to be yours.
Posted 2 weeks ago by Avyssus (169 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Nonsense, nobody except me participates on this auction , and i have to pay 5k for the house,im sure that no one woud outbid me. This system od auctions must by fixed.
Thanks for u reply.
Posted 2 weeks ago by Mr Postman (26 Scout of Prophecy) Quote
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