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Christmas Event 21st December
(Event is hosted by a player and not administrators, we are only posting it publicly. If you want your event posted just send it to me on Discord -Saphron)

This event will happen only on Legacy server.


After the server save on the 21st of December, I will put out a hundred present boxes streaking across the map all in different places. Some of them I will give clues to, others you will find during your adventures :) Some of them will contain simple presents, some of them meaningful gifts, while a select few will contain rare presents for you to keep.

See you then!
Me'rry Ch'erry

Posted 1 year ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Cool idea looking forward to it :)
Posted 1 year ago by Yavemar (93 Knight of Legacy) Quote
I'm never lucky so i'm pretty sure i won't find any presents, although maybe i'm not deserving cuz I was not very nice this year...
Posted 1 year ago by Dura Deluxo (181 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Thank you Me'rry Ch'erry for this awesome event and this opportunity for EVERYONE to participate (not only the high levels around).
I will definitely be there to participate in this event.
Keep up the good work!
Posted 1 year ago by Reh (188 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
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