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crossbow X Bow
Good morning, I did some tests with ancient xbow (the best xbow in the game +3%) and elven bow (bow + 1%). I used H-bolt on the xbow and H-arrow on the bow, got a result look at the image, see what I want to talk about, the difference of the hits is only because the H-bolt damage is 34 and the H-arrow is 32 , this percentage of hit is not influencing, I think this is bad because: you make the most difficult quest of the game to get the best xbow (ancient xbow) being that if you use an elven bow (easy drop) you get almost the same result of ammunition for death, in my opinion could have a greater difference, because until now we only use the ancient xbow because it is beautiful.
Posted 4 months ago by Haddes (212 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
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