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Medivia Wiki Event
Reinhard van AstreaFellow Medivians!

We are glad to announce the first Wiki Editing Contest!
Starting today, for the next 20 days, editors will be able to gain score points by editing pages on Wiki.
Top 15 Editors with the highest amount of score points will be rewarded for their contribution!
To become an editor, message one of the Administrators of Wiki: Farrk or Reinhard van Astrea

More details below, in an attached image.
Start editing now at
MediviaWiki Discord Server:

(Event is hosted by players and not administrators, we are only posting it publicly. If you want your event posted just send it to me on Discord -Saphron)
Posted 8 months ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
I'll match those rewards if the winner happened to be on Destiny!

Have fun!
Posted 8 months ago by unknown Quote
Same with players on Pendulum make us proud! Lets get atleast 5 people on the list! And I will pay 2x the money if we manage it.

Goodluck all!
Posted 8 months ago by Lord Apell (200 Druid of Pendulum) Quote
I'm glad that I can help in the development of Medivia Wiki! :)
Posted 8 months ago by Czlowiek Czynu (175 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Good luck and have fun everyone! :D

Posted 8 months ago by Roger The Swamper (15 Cleric of Legacy) Quote
Good luck, also don't forget to join our MediviaWiki Discord Server!

Some useful links:
Guide - How to use templates:
MediviaWiki Discord Server:
Posted 8 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
I hope there will be much more info of Novus
Posted 8 months ago by Mardoon (38 None of Legacy) Quote
Sounds like an event to find out Billis and Itrons seacrets..
Posted 8 months ago by Mister Balls (8 None of Legacy) Quote
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