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Dear Medivians!
We encourage you to study the gallery we present you today, with the brand new screenshots of our newest, dwarven city Mittenhoff. Its multi-consignation design will surely give you some new experience while traveling through it, and offer a variety of interesting places to explore, especially the vast tunnels underneath the city. Be careful though not to go too deep without proper arrangements, as the city is built in the middle of the inactive super volcano, where the demons stay buried for thousands of years.
The dwarven culture got expanded and reworked just like its city. We all know Graugs are proud fighters and famous crafters, and we never really heard about dwarven politics, didn't we? Well, talking with NPCs and reading the loads of old books they hold you may learn more not only about Graugs but about other cities as well.
Family problems, honor issues, unsolved murder mysteries in the deeps, and even high council conflicts, all of this mixed with lack of talented magicians and distrust to all foreigners. All of this awaits you in the mountain city of Mittenhoff.

Have you ever heard of the great dwarven town Mittenhoff?
I've been there, and all these rumors about it are true. Graugs are awfully rich indeed. Even the pavements are made of marble and polished stone, their armors, and weapons shiny yet many times tried in the heat of battle. If you think dwarves are stupid little creatures then you should better smash yourself with a hammer, and it's highly probable that the hammer you will be using is made out of dwarven steel. All the best quality metal comes from their huge mines, where numbers of Graugs work together to extract the most precious materials from within the mountain.
I spent many weeks in there, talking with their warriors, chieftains, so different families, clans, runemasters, and miners, but I did not get an answer to one question: how do they fight with the numerous demons getting out of deeper level caves?
I suppose this may connect to the runes of power they constantly talk about. I wonder what our magicians would say about this. The Mittenhoff is interesting and intriguing, but every time I ventured into its deeper levels, I had this strange feeling of danger and inhuman presence.
Posted 7 months ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Everything is looking really well made. Looking forward to explore the city and its caves.
EDIT: The little throne for the dwarf emperor LUL
Posted 7 months ago by Avyssus (191 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
it looks good job guys
Posted 7 months ago by unknown Quote
Looking great!
but.... WINCYJ! - more lore pls
Posted 7 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Dwarf outfit or riot! looks good, keep up the good work!
Posted 7 months ago by Invenciblee Sorcerer (17 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
Saphron is a legend
Posted 7 months ago by Tdot (166 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
I look forward to exploring this city :)
Posted 7 months ago by unknown Quote
Looks great! it'll replace kazardoon or its gonna be sited in a different place?
Posted 7 months ago by Pape (122 Sorcerer of Pendulum) Quote
I love dwarfs can't wait for the update
Posted 7 months ago by Ma Shroom (142 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
Is it going to have nice resp of dwarf slayers/dragoneaters?
Posted 7 months ago by Stiflonda (254 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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