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Higher Ping!!!!
Like 2 - 3 Weeks ago the pings had changed to 10-15 high, we created tickets to owners of Exitlag (proxy) and they told me that:

@.... Other customers have informed us about the problem, but it is not something with ExitLag, there have probably been alterations in the OVH routes (data center where Medivia servers are hosted) and so there was this increase.
@.... There really is nothing we can do, ExitLag already works in the most optimized way possible for servers hosted at OVH.

I really dont know if u can help us, im talking in name of all community.
Posted 7 months ago by unknown Quote
Yes, i have experienced the same issue (but i don't use proxy), my ping is usually around 10-20 but lately I've been experiencing some spikes all the time, shit goes up to 200ms often. you guys having DDOS's? or something like that? It seems to be an issue not only with me but with many other players.
Posted 7 months ago by unknown Quote
Same problem here. My ping got 10~20 higher months ago and it still persists. No idea what is going on but I am having a hard time trying to run from creatures with such lag.
Posted 7 months ago by Avyssus (191 Ranger of Destiny) Quote

I'm afraid there is nothing we can do either. In general we are subjected to higher networks and we simply cannot control them.
Posted 7 months ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
I january my latency used to be around 92 and now it is at least 115. Once on Destiny I reached 58 latency, but now the minimum is 70, if I have luck. Otherwise it is around 75.

Good times. Nowadays can't even hunt a Giant Cobra.
Posted 7 months ago by Finwe (190 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
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