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Halloween event
Medivia 2018 Event
Halloween is coming!

Dear players

As you all know the Halloween is just around the corner, so we thought about a special event prepared with a feedback from players themselves. In the past our events were rather simple, but this time it will be much different with a hope that this kind of event will be the first one out of many in the future!

Anyway, here we go:

Posted 2 weeks ago by Saphron Quote
sounds fun ! let the halloween begin !
Posted 2 weeks ago by Roffes Quote
Sounds very promising and exciting. Can't wait for it!
Posted 2 weeks ago by Karliaah Quote
20 names long list of nexts for the respaws to farm those coins i reckon :D heeeell yee
Posted 2 weeks ago by Velsharoon Quote
I hope you also took feedback from the last event into consideration while planning this one. Looks promising though. ;)
Posted 2 weeks ago by Kyrin Quote
That sounds interesting :D
Posted 2 weeks ago by Life Shiver Quote
SpOoky! Sounds fun. Can't wait to see the boss.
Posted 2 weeks ago by Avyssus Quote
YEAH!!! LET'S DO THIS!!!! HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 2 weeks ago by Katherine Knight Quote
Posted 2 weeks ago by Tojo Miojo Quote
Damn, this actually looks really good!
Posted 2 weeks ago by Waturupashuknek Quote
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