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Isingoma event
Dear players

We would like to announce that on every world on 23.09.2018 (8 hours after server save) Isingoma shall rise for the first time, be ready to face his warriors!

Have you ever wondered how old Yehsha is? I will tell you.

Older than any other city of Medivia. In world history it is stated that the first city was Eschen, but scholars and folk of Midland had no clue that hundreds of miles south there is another land. The realm where the second cataclysm didn't caused much damage. The continent on which demons and humans lived side by side for thousands of years.
But it wasn't always like that.
When divine Rashed defeated the ancient dragon who protected Osaris, Yehsha resembled a small collection of houses rather than the great city it is today. It was the grandson of Rashed, Isingoma who made this place rise to unbelievable heights. Aside from starting to build the wall, he split the city into three castes and organized a standing army which fought with valor. He was adored by every habitant of the desert.
After many years Pharaoh suddenly disappeared. After a few weeks of his absence, scared citizens decided to elect a new pharaoh, sentencing Isingoma to be forgotten for treachery. First to take up his position was of course the high priest.
The high priest served for three days. On the fourth day he returned to the palace. There appeared a Gigantic dervish of desert with the face of Isingoma. Having few meters of height, a body hard as steel and four hands, he was on a rampage killing everyone on sight looking for revenge. After a long battle they managed to cast him outside the wall. Decades later fishermen spotted a body in the river who happened to be Isingoma with a priest knife entombed into his back.
Even though his name has been cleansed from treachery his spirit is not satisfied. Perhaps he is too blinded with revenge that he does not notice the passage of time. Every few dozen years Isingoma returns from sands of the desert looking to kill. It takes brave heroes to return such evil to the maws of sand.
My children. You might be wondering if you can destroy him. Know one thing.
Rashed blesses this act. Have no fear.
-A Letter from Priest Nu'veith to citizens of Yehsha.

Posted 8 months ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Hooolly s***, I'm genuinely excited!!
Posted 8 months ago by unknown Quote
Sounds fun and challenging. Bring it on!
Posted 8 months ago by Avyssus (191 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Sounds really cool! I may not be strong enough to face this threat, but I'll be working extra hard until then to prepare ~
Posted 8 months ago by Stabby Michu (192 Knight of Legacy) Quote
It’s coming home I can feel it
Posted 8 months ago by unknown Quote
Just a grammar check, the phrase "fought with much danger" doesn't make sense. They could be fighting with valor, spirit etc.
Posted 8 months ago by Xekoroth (148 Druid of Destiny) Quote
Is there an estimated time (how many hours after SS) on the Sunday. As many of us are divided by 6 hours or more in time zones, an approximate time would be nice to know.
Posted 8 months ago by Jaxcel (186 Sorcerer of Legacy) Quote
sounds awesome :D
Posted 8 months ago by No'Love (319 Archmage of Pendulum) Quote
Can we host a moment of silence for all those who have died, after? :P
Posted 8 months ago by Dead Eye (249 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
How strong it's gonna be? Undead dragon with 1000000hp?
Posted 8 months ago by Stiflonda (254 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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