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Runes in magic shops
Dear players

In the last few weeks we have been discussing ideas of how to solve lack of runes problem in game. Personally I've been monitoring the situation in the game itself and I'm afraid that in the current situation most runes are usually sold to specific players and that most of the low leveled players are unable to purchase them. In the past that wasn't a problem since anyone was able to purchase runes due to market being flooded with them when a free account player was able to create every kind of rune with non-existent efforts.

Having that in mind we have came to the conclusion that if we want to keep possible macro abuse to minimum (conjuring runes for premium players only) we will implement runes purchasable via magic shops. However, before anything we would like to hear your opinion about prices for each rune. That way we can decide the final prices together :) As far as it goes for the list of runes available within NPC it is still open for a discussion. However, for the time being we have chosen the following runes:


Ultimate Healing Rune
Intense Healing Rune


Great Fireball Rune
Fireball Rune
Heavy Magic Missile Rune
Light Magic Missile
Sudden Death Rune
Explosion Rune


Destroy Field Rune
Fire Field Rune

We would like to keep the runes within shops within a minimum required amount for the game to be sufficient on its own. That is without Magic Walls and other similar runes which should be conjurable only by players themselves.

Please share your opinion! Also, please note that we are asking for opinion regarding price of runes within magic shops. The idea regarding implementing runes in magic shops has already been taken for granted in this post due to feedback we've gathered within last few weeks.

Posted 10 months ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
If this is really happening I feel like the shop prices should be slightly higher than what it would cost to make them with mana fluids.
Posted 10 months ago by Wickk (153 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Well, after thinking about it a bit longer and considering everything already said, lets check the current situation.

-There is tons of bed mages making runes, but these runes are not on market.
-Knightbots are causing inflation to Medivia's economy (as same as it did on Tibia economy).
-Highlevels need runes. They are pretty much useless (except for paladins on certain situations) without runes.
-Highlevels make runes just as efficiently as lowlevels.

Analysing Medivia's Solution to Rune Shortage : So, as already said on this thread, you guys want to allow players buy runes to high prices on NPC, as same as Cipsoft once did. So, from your point of view, it will actually let mid-high level players to buy runes if they are somehow able to afford high prices. We all know there is only 2 ways to afford a constant amount of runes, which are:
*Buying Premium Scrolls: Which basically would turn Medivia onto a P2W (Pay 2 Win) game.
*Botting MoneyMakers: Unfortunately, but obviously moneymakers will appear all over Medivia, so your war against Macro-Users will be much harder to fight.

Besides that, players who already have their runefarms will keep making tons of runes, ignoring completely the fact of NPC selling them.
So as a final result, the only thing i can clearly see is that there will be more bots, people making runes with bots + people making gold with bots. Lets say goodbye to every Dwarf Guard, Rotworms and Minotaurs respawn after you implement this feature.

I'm sorry, but considering all already said, i disagree.
Posted 10 months ago by Silo Destroyer (59 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
First of all I also don't believe that buying runes at magic shops. But, as I also don't have a solution for this, let's talk about this one.

I honestly believe that runes should be an exchange between players, or players doing them by themselves. There were some similar games that made every time interaction between players less common (I'm talking about Tibia, WoW and other games) and the community got every time less "particular".
In order to rune in magic shops to be viable, I believe that we should have them at a similar price than doing it in mana fluids / RoH.
I don't really remeber, but I guess that mana fluids regenerates around 47 mana for every 95gps, right? We need to make some calculations and have that a rune sold in the shop would be around 80-90% the same price the rune is made using mana fluids.

There is a fine line between the two. There should still be more "profitable" in the long run to train your own magic level instead of buying from a shop.

Also, if this gets implemented, and let's say a BP of SD on the shop costs 8k, there would be way more players trying to sell their stocks for a lower price, to buy other runes.
For myself at least, I have a good ammount of runes, I don't sell them because I'm afraid of the market to be scarse so I just save them.
Posted 10 months ago by Dextok (126 Archmage of Destiny) Quote
uh 3,6k
hmm 2,3k
gfb 4,8k
sd 7,7k

this is the price it would cost if u made them with manas and sold the vials.

so prices like this i guess, still problem is that lower lvls would have a hard time gaining this amount of cash to be able to buy the runes.

i would bet my money on somesort of free account soul point system that allows you to make lets say 10 bps of gfb then u need to go and hunt for a while to gain it up again, that why someone with 20 chars wont be able to keep it up cus it would be to fucking enoying.
Posted 10 months ago by Tusenlappen (388 Knight of Legacy) Quote
we need a math wize in here to set prices :D i am not a math person but i feel like the runes in the shops should cost more, that way players can still sell runes.
Posted 10 months ago by Spoonwithyou (278 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
I also think that if you do this it will ruin the game, if you want to end bot and macro use anti-bot programs, just like the tibia did, because what spoils the game is the amount of bot that is still in the medivia, nor do you need look hard to find them.
my idea is to let the free players do only weak rune, like: LMM, FB, DF, IH ....
Posted 10 months ago by Haddes (212 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
runes in shop sounds like the worst idea to solve the problem and really removes a lot of the rpg feel that this client offerd. tbh rather see runes even facc rather than this, or keep lowering mana..

however, prices should be imo:

gfbs 6k/bp
uhs 5k/bp
sds 10k/bp
explo 8k/bp

but before implementing this, PLEASE have a poll to see what players actually want because im sure this will be a deal-breaker for a lot of your remaining members.
Posted 10 months ago by Diamondproo (131 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Spoonwithyou8k for bp of sd at shop
4k for bp of uh at shop
5k for bp of explo at shop
3.5k for bp of gfb at shop

and the rest of the runes i have no clue, we need a math wize in here to set prices :D i am not a math person but i feel like the runes in the shops should cost more, that way players can still sell runes.

I think u wrote wrong price for gfb.

my prices:
8,5k bp sd
4,5k bp uh
5,5k bp explo
5k bp gfb
Posted 10 months ago by Xoryukem (244 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Iryont, what about letting FACC create low level runes such as LMM, FB (nerf its damage though) and IH (in that case buff it slightly)?

To be honest, this is the worse moment to play the game as a beginner: Premium Scroll prices goes up to 300k and you cant make runes. I am super against rune shop or at least make it sell inferior runes.
Posted 10 months ago by Biopunk (56 Druid of Legacy) Quote
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