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Arak and Eschen
Dear players

As you probably know we are currently working on revamping the whole mainland in order to match everything with our current genesis which was posted a while back. In such case we would like to present you several screenshots of things we've been working on for the past months. I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do enjoy creating it! Below you can find screenshots from cities of Arak and Eschen:

Before we started to work on Eschen we knew that this city had to be treated differently than any other. According to the Lore, it is the oldest city in the game and we will consistently follow this idea. Therefore, we started to gather information on which we could start the process of creating the biggest and the richest city in Medivia. Together, we also found that despite the high-fantasy setting of Medivia, it is still a land extremely dangerous and deceptive. A place where "good spirits" murder innocent people(we look at you, Yehsha) and hordes of undead creatures receive support from religious fanatics, and where should we look for such realm if not in our own history and war culture of mankind.

Therefore, we present you the city of Eschen.

A place based on medieval France, flowing with wine and songs. Traders are shouting at marketplaces, arguing about the best price. In taverns the bards praise the beauty of the local ladies and the knights are struggling for the best title. Of course we didn't forgot about places for royal wizards, and as many as three magic guilds. And since we are talking about guilds, Eschen will have enough place to fit at least five different covenants, so those of you who like doing a lot of epic quests will have full hands of work to do. However, do not be fooled by the beauty and clean picture of the city. As you know, where there is money there will appear a sly thief's hand, or an iron flail of bandits. Even for evil forces it is a good target, and let's not forget what the prophecies say, as we are approaching the end of our world.

Designing a city, however, does not end with an interesting idea and new graphics. Such a huge city requires, of course, appropriately larger food stocks, therefore around the outer walls you will find extensive farms, mills and orchards, and near Eschen you will find as many as two additional villages and a castle defending northern borders.
So bow down to the beautiful ladies and pick up the gauntlet of brave, honorable knights challenging you to a duel. And if you are not one of those who wield the art of wielding a sword and prefer a more mystical approach to life, agree to help one of the guilds, or try to stick with the mysterious librarians who don't let anyone, even the emperor himself, enter their catacombs. And after a hard day of work, fight and travel, meet together in The Squire, the most magnificent tavern in the city where the Duke will drink a pint even with a poor fisherman, with old song sang by the local minstrel...

Drink up, my friends, let's toast
and drink, empty our glasses.
While eating a fat ham,
let's make war on this bottle.

Posted 7 months ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
Ohhh that hang-bridge looks nice.

Looking forward to explore!
Posted 7 months ago by Aeikz Electus (112 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
Amazing! I take it that executioner outfit will be obtainable? I am sure all the axe users can't wait to start that quest... hopefully clubs get some love too as far as outfits go... I'm sure you hate this question but you know it was coming sooner or later; any eta on the release date? Haha
Posted 7 months ago by Harkin (183 Knight of Destiny) Quote
Looks great and cant wait to explore it :)
Posted 7 months ago by Itron (319 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
Great thing to wipe out tears from server merging.
Posted 7 months ago by unknown Quote
great teaser :) make sure to put this much screenshots in next teaser too
Posted 7 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Looks awesome! Keep up the good work :)
Posted 7 months ago by Margo (255 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Looking great and can't wait to see it when it comes out :)
Posted 7 months ago by Sir Fredde (328 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Beautiful work, looking amazing, my best regards!
Posted 7 months ago by Aethalas (241 Knight of Legacy) Quote
awesome really nice work :D good job guys
Posted 7 months ago by Spoonwithyou (259 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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