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Small patch
Dear players

A small patch for the game server as well as the game server will be released tomorrow (Sunday June 3, 2018) during a server save. It will bring some rather major changes in general which are worth mentioning and those are:

- Auto open containers on login (containers will be opened back on login in the same position and size as they were during logout). Please keep in mind that information about position of the containers is saved within your local computer, so if you login from another computer all containers will be opened, but on the default panel instead.

- All other mini windows (e.g. Health Window, Skills Window and so on) will now save according to settings from a specific character.

- Idle status in VIP if player is away for more than 5 minutes. It means that the name of the player will turn orange when the player is not performing any action in game (however, a player can interact with the computer and the game window and that will not affect the status being idle in the game itself).

- Screenshoting the game window on hotkey (saved in medivia directory along with cams and the configuration file). This function will only capture the game window for your convenience.

- Several minor fixes (e.g. fixes to recently implemented new loot from Nether Spiders).

I hope you will enjoy those changes!

Posted 11 months ago by Iryont (40 None of Legacy) Quote
I am just concerned about being semi-afk on for example Pendulum. I like to program and regain mana in the background hidden from random pkers and now I feel like idle status might be a big help for them.
Posted 11 months ago by Yavemar (93 Knight of Legacy) Quote
What sense to put semiafk? How can this help?
Posted 11 months ago by Joel (264 Knight of Destiny) Quote
Will there be a requirement that you need to have each other in VIP list to see if someone is idle or not? As Yavemar said this could be abused by random player killers.
Posted 11 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea (157 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Nice, I like the ideas, what about the polls about facc runes / 2 mc? got some plans for it?
Posted 11 months ago by unknown Quote
really nice changes opening and closing backpacks is a blessing for everyone!!!, also the idle system is nice now considering some ppl afk in there house were they cannot be disconnected which i think is the main reason for it, and the screen shot in game is awesome really nice making it easier to take screen shots and find them. really nice quality of life improvements nice job guys!!!!
Posted 11 months ago by Spoonwithyou (259 Knight of Pendulum) Quote
I must say right away, everythings sounds good, but the semi-afk (vip name turns orange) is giving me big worries.. I mean like someone stated above, you can add people, learn their behaviours by seeing how the turn from green to orange, then once you learn the pattern, you go kill people who is at orange. This will forsure be abused. I understand why you did it, but I honestly think its a bad idea from a PVP perspective, its almost as if you put a sign above our heads with the signs (afk or not afk), but u just have to look at that sign at your viplist, if the name is orange, you go for the kill.

Not signed on this idea, everything else sounds really good.
Also the open containers will change how PVP used to look like, but I guess it wont be that much of a big deal, but it still is, cause in battles, seconds count a lot, and being fast to open a backpack to shot mwall or heal is a big thing for the fight itself.. Ohwell lets see how it looks...
Posted 11 months ago by Zackey (222 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
i think you should only be shown as idle in a protection zone
Posted 11 months ago by Sanatik (161 Scout of Destiny) Quote
Really nice!
Good job

Posted 11 months ago by Voliibear (206 Druid of Legacy) Quote
nice job iryont love you
Posted 11 months ago by Bakugo Katsuki (82 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
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