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Small hotfix and launch of Pendulum
Dear players

There was a small fix today which includes mostly changes to the Novus itself. As we are approaching a new market of players in general we had to make some adjustements for new players to learn the game since that was the original purpose of Novus in the first place. Long story short, following changes were made:

* There is a tutorial for new players to learn the game.
* Changed duration of the torch from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.
* Changed the cost of rope from 50 gold coins to 15 gold coins.
* Changed certain map parts.
* Changed club from 7 atk 7 def to 9 atk 6 def.
* Changed dagger from 8 atk 6 def to 8 atk 7 def.
* Changed combat knife from 8 atk 6 def to 9 atk 7 def.
* Changed it so classic control and regular controls are swapped when you install the game for the first time.
* Changed it so you cannot lose any items until you reach level 8.
* Changed that NPC tom and Marie now buy multiple corpses instead of just one at a time.
* Added more balanced starter items for new players. A slightly bigger bag, 3 weapons of choice, 2 torches and 3 fish.
* Added a new newbie quest that will teach you the game and leave you with a full set of leather armor, a decent shield and a rope and shovel.
* Added a new place below the temple.
* Added a new crypt north of Novus village.
* Added two new creatures, small spider and injured rat.
* Added popup message for when you start the game.
* Added popup message for when you reach level 8.
* Added hover information on icons on the right bar.
* Added 3 NPCs Spirit, Vaio and Eike.
* Added when you log in for the FIRST time your backpack gets opened right away.
* Added when you log in for the FIRST time your character is half full.
* Added a Wisdom Scroll to premium page which will allow you to skip Novus (it adds required amount of experience to reach level 8) since Novus is mostly meant to learn the game nowadays.
* Average loot value of Shakirian Prayer increased by 68%.
* Average loot value of Archer increased by 23%.
* Average loot value of Vigilante increased by 16%.
* Average loot value of Undead Dragon increased by 7%.
* Chaos Sword is now sellable at Wulkan for 300000 gold.
* Shield of the heroes is now sellable at Wulkan for 38000 gold.
* Hellforged Axe is now sellable at Wulkan for 50000 gold.
* Scarab coins are now sellable at Ziyad for 150 gold.
* Minor adjustments to several sprites.

Also, we have set the date for a new iteration of Pendulum:

11th of May, Friday at 20:00 CET.

Following rates were chosen for this iteration according to feedback from players:

1 level to 10 level: 20x
11 level to 20 level: 15x
21 level to 40 level: 10x
41 level to 60 level: 8x
61 Level to 80 Level: 6x
81 Level to 130 Level: 3x
130+: 2x

See you there!

Posted 6 months ago by Iryont Quote
Great to get a list of what is actually fixed, thanks alot!
Posted 6 months ago by Chris Sharma Quote
Posted 6 months ago by Reinhard van Astrea Quote
I can not enter with the new client I get an error when I install it, it tells me something of ReadProccesMemory PORFA HELP


No me puedo entrar con el nuevo cliente me da error cuando lo instalo, me dice algo del ReadProccesMemory AYUDA PORFA

Posted 6 months ago by Enaney Quote
Medivia client does not use that WINAPI function at all. Please try to install the game client from zip archive instead.
Posted 6 months ago by Iryont Quote
@Iryont you missed '0' at Undead Dragon line I guess? Kappa
Posted 6 months ago by Rakshy Quote
Thank you for listening to us!
Posted 6 months ago by Xori Quote
@Novus and list of fixes:

Wonderful, showing changes like this actually really helps people to understand the game and get more into details. Novus wonderful to be honest I had a friend starting few weeks ago... he left after 1h because he got killed by rats several times (no shield) no guidance, so this will help a lot.


It may be a silly question, but how is going to work with runes there? I mean, my slots are taken Bed mages on my main server and I think many are in the same situation. How this will work out?
Posted 6 months ago by Colector Dimpostos Quote
Love the new mage addon on female! Good work.

Posted 6 months ago by Zackey Quote
1 Wisdom Scroll for 5 euro is very hard :D. I mean it's maximal spending 1h in novus :P.
Posted 6 months ago by Zappy Quote
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