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Chambers of Torture
Dear players

We present to you another teaser from land of Najira.

Stay tuned for another teaser soon.
Posted 10 months ago by Saphron Quote
Fancy stuff.
I like the new graphics.
Posted 10 months ago by Tjockas Quote
looks good.
I got one question though:
Will all the pharaohs still exist after the update or will they get removed?
Posted 10 months ago by Itron Quote
This knight on 2 screen its other outfit than knight who is next to demon on other teaster??

Another question is only ank-/darashia will be changed this uptade?
Posted 10 months ago by Pirat Blackfyre Quote
ITS LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 10 months ago by Eddie The Bald Quote
First outfit is meh,
The 2nd and 3rd screenshots the outfits look amazing
The creatures nailed to the crosses is very interesting, I like new scenary :) Blood all over the walls love it!
4th screenshot the fire/ember/whatever larvas/beetles look legendary
6th screenshot the new coffins/sarcophagus' are cool too!

Test server plx!
Posted 10 months ago by Frank Sinatra Quote
I approve of everything these guys said ^ Release date when ?!?!??!?!
Posted 10 months ago by Aphotic Mutilation Quote
The outfits are looking good. When will we get to see some male mage outfits??? Not all of us play shemales xd

Overall content looking sick.

What's up with posting stuff from part to part? You should put out all you content you already have, so we can say something about it and therefore, leaving enough time for you to fix stuff we don't like.

Posted 10 months ago by Dab Kid Quote
I hope that the fact you are showing us only Ankh/Dara revamp does not mean that this is your whole progress in new map xD

I like those new creepy sprites
Posted 10 months ago by Rakshy Quote
Man that's some dark shit haha. Looks fun, though kinda reminds me of Diablo 3.
Posted 10 months ago by Praetor Quote
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