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The deserts of Najira
Dear players

As promised within the previous news we show you one of many small teasers to give you a hint on what we are working right now.
We wish to present you some interesting places within the desert land - Najira.

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Posted 1 year ago by Saphron (1 None of Legacy) Quote
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
why this female have hands in the air all the time? New places, monsters looks awesome, but outfits sucks >.>
Posted 1 year ago by Alpha Dog (302 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
amazinggggggggg goodjob guys :D

can we get a Sneek peek on stuff like MPA/Demon helmet/Golden legs aswell>??
Posted 1 year ago by Oblivious (150 Knight of Legacy) Quote
looks good!
cant wait to explore it
Posted 1 year ago by Itron (314 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
Some of the outfits look a little odd, but otherwise great work! I'm excited for this.
Posted 1 year ago by Slymantis (286 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Aaahhh! The new world is near... can't wait to explore it!

Goblins are the beeeeest they always were and i hope those scarabs are not the ancient scarabs, the actual ancient scarab looks scary and ANCIENT xd. If it's the ancient scarab at least make those monsters look big and scary like the demon, the actual demons looks more scary than the new one you made (that's what i think) . Anyways I'm excited for the update and most of things looks great except (for me) the demon from the pic of "Pendulum's swing & teasers" and scarab in this update news (in case the scarab is the ancient one).
Posted 1 year ago by Captain Mavuto (60 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
1. Shouldn't the monsters in picture one and two have a black body line? if you know what I mean.

2. Also an outfit where a girl holds her hands up high the whole time is weird in my opinion.

3. Will rain be implemented in-game?

4. I agree scarab is next level to larva, so the scarab should be bigger.

Can you also maybe give an estimated time for the update?
Posted 1 year ago by Pietje Bell (8 None of Legacy) Quote
Hardly ever do I comment on forum, but this looks awesome. Keep it up guys

Are there any plans concerning 5th voc or this idea has already been abandoned?
Posted 1 year ago by Elizner (108 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
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