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Dear players

As promised within the previous news we are now releasing a full genesis featuring a new minimap with a concept for the mainland. It should be noted that since this whole update was divided into two "smaller" ones cities such as Yehsha, Osaris and Garrogat are expected to be released within the incoming update while the mainland is expected to be done a few months after that.

I hope you guys will enjoy both the genesis and the minimap as much as we did enjoy creating them!


UnknownIn the beginning there were four Brothers. Each one of them, obsessed with the desire of creation, wanted to shape the world in their own way. After a countless time of void, they all agreed to create one world, and share everything between themselves.

The First Brother created fire, from which emerged a burning, barren land. The surface was hot and thick smoke eclipsed the whole sky. In these flames he called himself Gnashal and his fiery spirit began to circle over the land, feeding on evil lurking inside.

The Second Brother formed stone and spread it all over the land. His grounds were hard and solid, full of power and greatness. In this rock he carved his name, Talkatan, and soon after that, he took his first step on his newly created land.
The Third Brother despised the look of the land, so he filled all the remaining space with a humongous ocean. From horizon to horizon the only thing he could see was the infinity of undisturbed water. From that arose a mighty father of the oceans, known as Malaloth.

The Fourth Brother, Magin, refused to divide the land. Rather than sharing he used his powers to spread his energy through the air. Magic was created. A mystical power without purpose rose above the flames, water and stone. Wherever it appeared, it distorted everything. It raged the oceans, softened the lands, and dimmed the fire.

When the other brothers saw this they became very displeased with his actions and decided to destroy the magic once and for all, by hiding everything deep within the ground. Within a short period of time, Gnashal used all of his power and the fire within the ground suddenly burned like never before. The earth erupted with huge living flames, destroying everything it encountered on its path. Fiery smoke reached high in the air and demolished the magic on every height possible. Then Malaloth controlled his water to ruffle and shout. The calm oceans began to form whirls, powerful currents and soon the whole magic presence above the water was dispersed. The final bit of the destruction was carried out by Talkatan. He used his power to evoke strong earthquakes. The earth was rising and falling, creating canyons, caves, mountains and valleys. Finally all of them managed to trap the magic deep beneath the surface of the land.

The three brothers satisfied with their victory did not even notice how their actions had changed the world. The burned earth gave birth to volcanoes, holes and lava rivers. The hard rock grew into mountains, dry rivers and valleys and the water began to rage and crash into the shores of all the lands.

After several centuries, the remaining Three Brothers fell into a deep sleep. While they were asleep, secretly from the fire, 11 Great Demons rose. They were the first beings younger than the brothers themselves, and although they were not equal to their fathers, they were extremely powerful. Jealous Talkatan awoken from his sleep powered his stone to become alive. 7 powerful leviatanes opened their eyes. When Malaloth saw his brother´s work, he reached all the way to the bottom of the ocean and threw away a horde of creatures. Among them were powerful underwater predators, serpents, snakes etc. He also released a handful of birds that immediately began to fly high above the ocean.

These ancient beings rapidly bred their own servants. At this time, the Three Brothers realized that they were no longer the only creatures that had the ability to create and command their elements to disappear, fall or descend. They no longer had power over them. Knowing this, they decided to destroy their creations, just like they did with their fourth brother. After a long time of brutal and bloody fights the Brothers fell. All three world powers roared victoriously, knowing that from now on, they had the whole world just for themselves.

The three forces of the early world quickly realized that their own land was not enough for them. The smaller demons eventually began to venture further and further into the land of rock and earth, shaping it in to their own liking. Underwater creatures swam closer and closer to the shores of the other lands. Eventually, Leviathan Torgorath, wishing to defend his own land, smashed one of the demons with his tusk and unleashed what they now call the First War.

Once more, the three elements clashed in a monstrous battle between themselves, much longer and more destructive than before. The boundaries between the Lands began to collapse. Elements fighting each other began to fuse together. Between lands and water formed sands and grasslands which soon Basilisks, Snakes, Great Spiders and all the animals inhabited. The area of hard rock began to grow unknown plants, trees, shrubs and the fire made materials to be harder and nobler than earth and rock.

The war lasted for more than four centuries. During this period, the earth began to change more and more, causing a series of ever-increasing changes in the structure of the earth. Finally the world had enough. During one of the giant clashes, the foundations of the world were heavily affected, leading to the First Cataclysm. A huge explosion broke out in one of the largest mountains. The force that freed from the earth swept most of the creatures from the ground and leveled the volcanoes and hills. The greatest of the monsters and demons managed to withstand long enough to bury themselves deep underground, but most of their servants did not resist the power of the world trying to escape annihilation.

A giant explosion destroyed a piece of the earth's surface, revealing the magic that was hidden underneath for hundreds of years. Then, Varazin emerged from beneath the surface. An entity much more powerful than everyone else, made of pure magic, with four wings and a human-like body floating in peace and stillness over the immensity of the purifying world.

As soon as the cataclysm came to an end, Varazin created his servants. Rather than making them out of himself, he took one part of each of the existing elements and formed the first Humans.

The early humans, nowadays called the Ancients, quickly made their mark on the world. They did not belong to any of the elements, neither did they understand all the previous conflicts and therefore, they did not pay attention to the fact that they are changing the world, and even more – they enjoyed it. In the beginning of their existence, the rest of the still existing demons and other entities offered help. They taught people how to start a fire, extract minerals, and use water. Everyone wanted to gain a mighty ally in times of war. People used their teachings but they never fully trusted them. The Ancients considered them strange and evil beings.

Eventually the monsters stood together before the council of already very numerous people and demanded an answer – who will they decide to serve. The answer of the Ancients was – nobody.

The war between Ancients and monsters was abundant in death and loss. Ancients were much stronger and mightier than today’s people. They handled weapons of extraordinary quality and great size with ease, and crafted powerful armors which, despite their thickness, were very light and agile. However, they had no chance against the monsters that still remembered the beginning of this world. Ancients were losing soldiers quickly. They would lose the war eventually if it was not for Varazin's Sacrifice. As the humanity began to fall, the so far neutral Varazin had arisen above all the rocks, mountains and clouds . The battle stopped as both the ancients and monsters looked in the sky, shocked, not knowing what would happen next. Then a sudden surge of enormous energy appeared in the sky and in a blink of an eye everything exploded. It was Varazin who had destroyed himself, giving people his last gift - magic. This powerful release of energy triggered the Second Cataclysm. That eventually sealed the shelters of demons and other powerful creatures. Although the ancients were also affected by the cataclysm, they managed to survive, though this did cost them a lot of effort and power.


They learned something new, the magical power that every man now possesses. Forges were diminished during the cataclysm, but soon burned with magical heat again. Due to that, fighting monsters and adversities was not that difficult. Almost all the Ancients were excellent warriors and wizards. In this golden time of the Ancients, the greatest of fortresses, towers, magnificent buildings, objects and tools were created. The ancients recognized Varazin as their God and Savior. Once upon a time, one of the Ancients, Thulmor found a sword of mighty power. No one knew who had forged it so it was a huge mystery. Immediately he announced that it should be taken care of and they had to find the people who were responsible for this masterpiece. Some of the ancients concurred with him right away, however, those who did not want to look for new enemies preferred to stay in the west and live in peace and protection. Arguing and mad at each other they had to separate. So Thulmor took the toughest and most brutal men to the east, while the rest of the Ancients under Maritsaia’s leadership returned to the west and established the city of Eschen at the seaside.

Thulmor led his men further and further east, where they encountered increasingly cold weather. They met gigantic, monstrous mountains that were covered by snow and ice. Thulmor’s men couldn’t adapt to these conditions, so they struggled to survive. Finally, one day Paolir, called the “Falcon Eye”, noticed a smoke rising in the distance . The fire seemed to be at the edge of a collapsed mountain ridge. The whole crew marched there, finding not only huge walls forged in solid rock but also people. People who were similar but at the same time different from them. They were much smaller than Ancients, but much more superior in strength and skill. They were able to handle and manipulate metal and stone much better than them. The ancients called these people the Dwarves, although they spoke of themselves as the "Graugs". The group asked about their origins, but Dwarves, were more interested in the sword Thulmor carried with him, than in telling the Ancients about their history. They immediately recognized their own work and demanded it back. However, the Ancients refused and Dwarves tried to take it by force. The mighty Ancients were not numeral enough to fight them, so they triggered an avalanche that gave them enough time to flee eastwards, setting up their city under the great mountains, calling it Arak. Between Arak and the Dwarves of Mittenhof there was never any cooperation. The underground beings were well aware of the insults the newcomers had brought upon them.

In Eschen the first problems arose when a magical experiment ended up in an unknown catastrophic disease. Sick people had almost no symptoms, but they were unable to cast any spells. Soon, in the city appeared much smaller buildings, tools became much weaker and more and more people were not able to use magic anymore. In the end, some of them gave up and began to get used to their disease, not even trying to get help. Moreover, without understanding magic they stopped worshiping their beloved God Varazin. Those in charge who were still magicians, began to argue among themselves what to do with their fallen infected people. They asked themselves questions on how to get rid of them and when. Eventually, Thorvald, a former respected leader and one of the people who had contracted the disease, yelled loudly that they would abandon the city if only the Ancients showed him who their most powerful wizard of the city was.

Blistering between wizards for the title of “most powerful” ended up in terrible fights. Thunderstorms, powerful gales and numerous fires began to rage over the city. Finally a man called Yiuld came out to oppose Thorvald. He said in his old and calming voice that the most powerful of the wizards is the one who could control everything that exists. And all of the sudden, with one blow of his staff he brought the raging nature back in its former state. Thorvald, knowing what he said, took his group of sick people and headed north. They then settled at a city named Thoris. It soon turned out that not all children of the sick people were incapable of using magic. Some of them were actually very good sorcerers. Although, they were physically much weaker and smaller, they were the only people able to cast spells. In Eschen, even though the magicians had driven out the sick people from the city, they did not get rid of the disease, and after many trials they finally had to come to terms with reality. The Ancients are gone.

Between two cities, a trade route was slowly established. The buildings were growing as was the power of their leaders. Quickly after that, some of the people from the city began to leave, to set up small villages. The leaders of these villages, feared monsters and animals, so they sent food and raw materials back to the cities in exchange for protection. Eschen and Thoris eventually transformed into two great countries. The first country was Maritsai named after the first king of the capital in Eschen, stretching from the west border of Medivia to the mighty mountains in the east. Leaving part of the southern peninsula, where some of the people founded a small country, named Molborg. The other country, Viliou occupied the area from the west to the dense forests in the east. In the end Maritsai reached an enormous size and had no other choice but to meet with the Dwarves. However, unlike Arak, they got along very well and easily with each other, learning about mutual technologies and exchanging goods. Countries slowly began to learn about themselves and others ending up with different outcomes, sometimes it ended up with war and other times with love. After a while, in the northern areas people started disappearing missing or were found dead. Scouting revealed that there were still two other countries. Elves and Orcs which had been born near trees and marshes, had for a long time fought between themselves. The elves were particularly friendly with the people of Arak, who now occupied the southern kingdoms. Since they now had a common enemy.

For years wars, betrayals, peace and love went hand in hand. However, the lost magic among the people began to interest lurking monsters. Soon the defenseless peasants fell on the plague of unknown creatures. Unleashed monsters began to attack people. Finally, Kronor, a mighty sorcerer, defeated one of the greatest demons ever to cross the earth, Tanalos, diverting his bones into his holy book, Moren, and writing down the most important principles of magic. At the foot of the Mittenhof he founded The Magin Guild, which attracted the most powerful wizards in the world. The Guild had the task of studying and teaching magic. It was also tasked with discussions and considerations about it, although many times it led to events going far beyond the natural world. Thus, the slowly forgotten professions began another life. The Magins never expected to grow in such great strength. In each city, there was at least one Magin headquarters, with the largest in Eschen. Thanks to the support of the powerful magic, fights with the monsters slowly began to be successful. Soon, simple magic began to enter the ranks of ordinary warriors.

After some time, elite troops emerged to fight the growing number of demons that not only killed and terrorized the population, but also drew more and more warriors and wizards to their side, teaching spells and demonic and forbidden powers. In response, Eschen created the Order of the Holy Rose, bringing together the most famous knights from all over the world, spreading the faith in God Sjol. Although the Order was supposed to be apolitical, it often interfered with the affairs of states and even of magic. They particularly disliked the teachings of magician Semelal, who tormented by demons was trying to force the dead to serve him. After many attempts, Semelal had been expelled from the Guild. Unfortunately, no one knew where he went after exile, but shortly thereafter the first necromancers appeared on the ground.

The Guild and the Order ruled the world. They had influence on Kings decisions, army movements, researches and discoveries. They were above the law. It might seem that such power needed a perfect organization, but it was exactly the opposite. The Magins could not get along well, and at each meeting somebody had to leave the room, not always by their own will.

Eventually, they split into three other Guilds:

The Grims, who used heavy and dangerous magic; instead of fighting directly with the enemy, they invoked their own servants and controlled the behavior of their opponents. The Grims had set in at the unique city of Arak, where they could easily pull out powerful monsters from the ground.

Archini, they used fierce offensive brutal magic. They froze, smoked, sucked everything that stood in their way, though they generally fought with monsters. Archini built their keep in Eschen, towering over the whole city and having a view of all the surrounding areas.

The Druids abandoned the fight against evil and fully devoted themselves to healing the wounded and helping people. They went to study to the quietest and most beautiful city they knew - Lucindel in the Elf Kingdom, Ianhole.

The three Guilds kept in touch with each other. Each set their own rules and held them, and those who did not do adhere to them were immediately thrown out. The Magins, even though the elders, were slowly forgotten. Their headquarters in Eschen were a common object of mockery and seizures. In the end, tired of this world, they went far beyond the boundaries of the known lands. They sailed with a ship far east to find an island that no one had a clue about its existence.

When they landed on the shore, they felt unimaginable hot. To the horizon the surface of the earth was covered with sand. In the air, they felt no life, or God, but only strange evil. The Magins did not have much choice to go to the land. After a few days of wandering through forgotten lands they came across something that they never expected. From behind huge dunes, a real, mighty city looked out. It had large, high walls with many towers. The gate leading to this magnificent city was so great that the giant would go beneath it. The Magins were stopped before entered the city and brought before the face of the Lord, whom they called Pharaoh. From him, they learned that when the first people came out, some of them followed the demons who promised them lands full of fertility and wealth. Unfortunately they were deceived and forced to live on these sands. They were exceptionally strong and stubborn enough to scare the demons from their city. They were also able of defending themselves against the attacks of more and more terrible monsters. The Magins agreed to stay in the city as teachers.

For centuries the world progressed, the Magins perished, and the people became stronger, although seeking constant strides, were never quite powerful enough to overcome all their troubles. Dwarves withdrew from their plans to conquer the surface of the earth, and they went down and down into their mighty caves creating a series of ever-increasing work. Elves under the authority of their emperor remained strong on the map, although they maintained the independence of the clans. People established new villages, towns and castles. New heroes were born, and new monasteries and guilds were funded. However, the world began to breed monsters buried deep underground and not everyone was able to handle them. In fact, almost nobody could do that. Fortune tellers and witches talked about the dangers that could cloud the world's existence, the wisest priests were more eager to pray, the air often smelled of death and in the streets you could hear ancient prophecies, which were are more common recognized as true ...

"(...) and after thirty days He will come.
The one who first came out of Fire
The one who most shattered Gnashal
The one no mortal can kill
He will come and spread his great as city wings
He will put his six feet on burnt ground
When he roars, his voice will burn and the army that will come to stop him will fall
The most famous knights will be turned into ashes
The greatest magicians will collapse into void
Kings will fall from their thrones
Priests burn their books
And The most magnificent one will take the dragon to go and meet him
To meet only death and the end of all creation ... "

The world map according to the genesis:

Posted 1 year ago by Iryont Quote
love it, waiting...
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
oh shit!!!!!!!!!
Posted 1 year ago by Carramba Huge Cojonez Quote
Amazing job guys, i greatly appreciate the development of Medivia , very anxious to update!
Posted 1 year ago by Galin Sharpsword Quote
Any launch date? this is AWESOME! pretty excited to explore this one :)
Posted 1 year ago by Urikao Quote
is it a whole new map replacing the tibia continent as we know it? or just an "extra" land?
Posted 1 year ago by Luisrosas Quote
holy shit o.o !
Posted 1 year ago by Ackme Quote
looks like youre missing a city on mainland, i count 4

there are 5 in game

eschen = thais?

thoris = carlin?

lucindel = ab?

arak = kaz?

venore = forgotten?

i wonder what would happen to the houses there if not remembered

i hope you dont put wights and junk in the middle of low level spawns like you did on forgula
Posted 1 year ago by Kroms Quote
holy shit o.o !
where's kazordoon?
Posted 1 year ago by Ackme Quote
Kromslooks like youre missing a city on mainland, i count 4

We aren't missing anything. Everything you see has nothing to do with the old content. All houses will be simply wiped out, but items will be transferred to corresponding depots if possible. VIP houses are expected to be compensated, but that is yet to be determined in which way.

Kromsi hope you dont put wights and junk in the middle of low level spawns like you did on forgula

I hope so, too :)
Posted 1 year ago by Iryont Quote
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