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Dear players

As you can see we have went through bunch of changes and that is including the website itself. Certain sacrifices had to be made in order to make everything consistent, so e.g. you will have to upload your guild logos once again :) Anyway, it should be noted that both game worlds will go on-line at exactly 14:00 CET in which case you have plenty of time to download the new game client and enjoy the website itself.

Please notice that the website is now under "https" protocol which is indicated by a green lock next to the address itself. That way you can be sure you are visiting a genuine website by taking a look at the SSL certificate itself:

Also, in January we do expect to implement an advanced recovery key system for all accounts. - It might take a while.

I suppose that is pretty much it :) Anyway, If you find any kind of bugs then we would appreciate if you could report them within a valid section on the forum.

Have fun!
Posted 1 year ago by Iryont Quote
Looks amazing, great work!
Posted 1 year ago by Itherael Quote
Amazing! Can't wait to get online :)
Posted 1 year ago by Magic Mushroom Quote
Lovely work on the webpage man! Awesome work!
Smart of you to put out the webpage 30 mins before to enjoy it and to be able to download evrything before the servers sets off.

Well Done Medivia Staff!
Posted 1 year ago by Rusheador Uespamek Quote
I've just changed the avatar on the webiste and it ate 15 days of my premium. Wait... WHAT?
Posted 1 year ago by Magic Mushroom Quote
The new website looks gorgeous! Well done!
Posted 1 year ago by Wessek Quote
Good work! But, PLEASE, so PLEASE.. dont change so much the game... I like tibia 7.4... Original Warrior Outfit... Dont need addon, he is Excellent!
Do not miss the gameplay and face of 7.4, which draws people to escape the global warmth that has turned otserver.
I LOVE MEDIVIA, no tibia 11.0.
I love spears dont Broken and no Soul to make runes.
I love fishing without worms....
I love old times!
Posted 1 year ago by Intuition Quote
Why are you using this site design? Where all the focus is on "register" and not on just logging in. You are neglecting the already registered person.
Posted 1 year ago by Tobacco Quote
Recovery Key will be added or not ?
Posted 1 year ago by Poozeer Quote
There's an error to install the new client, how can I resolve it?
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
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