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Game update announcement
Dear players

As mentioned within the changelog the major update we have been waiting for so long is so close, yet it still seems so far away... However, I believe that we can all appreciate the fact that the date has been set and hopefully there is nothing more which can stop us now :) There are still some internal tests going on, but everything seems to be on the right track. Along with this major game update we will implement a totally new website which will be located under a new domain, but fear not since the current domain will redirect us to the new one once the update is live. It is not a secret that the current website is heavily outdated in terms of current web standards, but it served us pretty well up until now and it is about time to change it. Also, it is worth to mention that during the update day (18th of December) both game worlds along with the website will go offline after the server save for approximately 4-6 hours depending on how long it will take us to propagate all changes. For the sake of balancing the web-server load the website itself will go online 1 hour before both game worlds, so everyone will be able to download the game client without need of speeding things up just to be the first one to login in the game. Anyway, so many changes were made in general that it is simply impossible to mention them all, so we will just stick to the most interesting ones in this rather "short" log of all new changes which are about to be implemented on 18th of December. Keep in mind that dungeons of Forgula and other revamped islands are so extensive that they are much bigger than those from Abukir update, so we are confident that this update will give you more than enough to do for the foreseeable future during which we will be working on the next update.

In game changes:

- Added 8 completely revamped factions.
- Added over 25 new raids and rare spawns - 3 of them being Rookgaard exclusive.
- Added a challenging addon system with 2 addons per outfit for the following outfits: citizen, hunter, knight, mage, summoner, nobleman/noblewoman, warrior - 2 of the addons being obtainable on Rookgaard.
- Added a new skill to the game called "Mining".
- Added a farming system to the game.
- Added more quests in Rookgaard.
- Added 4 new houses in Rookgaard.
- Added new items in Rookgaard.
- Added more tasks in Rookgaard.
- Added new emblem backpacks (all runes as well as keys now have a suiting backpack).
- Added accessibility to Giant Spider far north of Ankrahmun.
- Added certain new and some old previously unsellable items to Wulkan and Aremis.
- Added all tasks to the character page of the new website.
- Added Lightbringer Garrison to Venore.
- Added Fiery Beetles in Abukir.
- Added light to Ferumbras items as well as gemmed Helmet of the Ancients and Magician's Staff.
- Added ability to rope creatures or objects from Nether Spider holes.
- Balance changes (for better or worse) made to Blessed Amulet and Amulet of the Elements.
- Certain collection items were made stackable (Poisonous Tail, Giant Ruby and others).
- Changed Frost Dragon sprite.
- Changed sprite of the Demonbone set.
- Changed sprite of the Great Axe.
- Changed light color of Frozen Starlight.
- Changed ladder at the Elf hideout in Ab'Dendriel into a stair to prevent luring of Elf Swordmasters.
- Changed guildhall in Rookgaard to a different location.
- Changed a few environmental sprites such as stone tile.
- Changed accessibility of creature tasks given by Radek which were previously unkillable by certain vocations.
- Ice immunity added to many undead and ice creatures such as Banshee or Frost Dragon.
- Improved Radek's storyline - he now tells you something about the creature you want to hunt just like Tylar does.
- Increased the frequency for bunch of raids by a bit.
- Increase respawn rate of certain Abukir spawns such as Sandskull Spiders, Manticores or Chimeras.
- Increased price for sex and name change.
- Fixed a few quests in the questlog that were previously uncompletable (they should all properly turn green after completion now).
- Fixed a large amount of minor map issues.
- Fixed guildhall rights.
- Fixed many issues related to houses.
- Minor changes to loot or strength (for the better and worse) of the many creatures released in the initial Forgula update and Abukir update.
- Reduced Demon Armor weight to 42 oz.
- Relocated Calcanea on the map.
- Removed access to Forgula, Coldridge and Frozen Den from all players.
- Removed all old faction related quests from the questlog.
- Removed all old faction related restrictions from NPC's.
- Removed Daraman Prayer north of Darashia.
- Removed Giant Jellyfish from the game (the creature Zathroth Spawn now uses this sprite).
- Renamed Fibula, Senja, Folda, Vega into Vilias, Winterbay, Mejborn and Neve respectively.
- Reorganized questlog and tasks to be in an alphabetical order.
- Restored the old loot values of Elf on mainland (Rookgaard has unique Elfs now to keep the Longsword rare).
- Revamped access quest to Forgula, Coldridge and Frozen Den.
- Revamped Nether Spider cave in Rookgaard together with the additions of Elfs.
- Revamped southern Thais, Vilias, Daraman, Slavehunters west of Ankrahmun, Lightbringer Hideout, Thaian Hideout, Queen's Follower Hideout, Arena, Mejborn, Neve, Winterbay, Calcanea, Banors Isle, Foreign Lands and Zathroth Spawn.
- Reworked Undead Dragon, Frost Dragon and Nether Spider.

Game client changes:

- Added extra right panel (total of 3 panels).
- Added new conditions such as hunger, protection zone, freezing, and so on.
- Added keepalive flag for game connection.
- Added possibility to disable linear filtering for the game window.
- Changed version to 2.0.0.
- Changed application icon.
- Changed battlelist ordering from age to classic.
- Changed certain fonts.
- Removed remote server from CAM Manager.
- Removed ability to play older CAM files due to protocol changes.
- Removed creatures name formatting.
- Removed hitboxes when using runes on creatures.
- Fixed numpad walking.
- Fixed auto-walking on parcels.
- Fixed auto-walking when a player hits a standalone object.
- Fixed delay when trying to walk on empty tiles.
- Fixed saving ignore/white lists.
- Fixed http response validation (e.g. from fetching news or the version).
- Bunch of changes in UI.
- Minimap is now loaded during initialization of the game client.
- Improved algorithm for minimap walking.
- Reorganized "Inventory & Combat" window.
- Increased the limit of maximum containers you can open.
- A lot of performance and bug fixes.

Premium price changes:

Due to an increase in development cost, we have decided to increase the price for premium roses. Please understand that creating new content costs the development team a lot of time and energy and is therefore only possible with proper payment. We all love working on creating content for the game and, more importantly, its community, but the amount of work such updates require is not manageable without a dedicated team. We hope you understand and respect our decision making regarding the premium prices and stay with us for the years to come as we have plenty of content planned for the future!

Following are the new premium prices:

1 Premium Rose - 6.00 Euro
3 Premium Roses - 17.00 Euro
5 Premium Roses - 28.00 Euro
10 Premium Roses - 55.00 Euro

The prices changes will be implemented with the new website which is going to be released together with the update on the 18th of December!

Anyway, it would be quite cruel to leave you guys with just a text, so we have decided to include the new world map image along with some of the screenshots visible on the new website :) Have fun!

Posted 1 year ago by Iryont Quote
"- Added a farming system to the game."

it already is lol

Posted 1 year ago by Owned Quote
Posted 1 year ago by Ackme Quote
Whyyyy so many moutains once again , noooo!

Posted 1 year ago by Heheczkowy Ricki Insane Quote
lets get it
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
wowaweewa! Thanks for all your hard work... time to put in a big order of roses ;)
Posted 1 year ago by Margo Quote
Before working on the NEXT update, please make an american server as promised! We already have a big enough community, splitting it won't hurt and it will bring more players.

Everything looks great, and goodjob with all the minor client bugs. I think I speak for everyone when I say Mapclick has been a bitch the past 2 years xD
Posted 1 year ago by Frost Quote

Love all the promised changes, only thing I don't like is the look of the new gear, looks kinda current tibiaish.
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
so nice
Posted 1 year ago by Delicato Quote
A suprise american server would be great.
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
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