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Forgula Teaser Revealed
Dear players,

we are happy to present you the last teaser of our current teaser platform showing some of the changes made to Forgula and its lore. As you probably already know these changes contain loads of new creatures and bosses, new items, new environments as well as remade hunting spawns some of you have grown to love over the last 2 years. Furthermore, you are able to discover some more aspects of a key new features on Medivia: a full Addon system for all existing outfits. We hope you will enjoy the teaser and its content as much as we do while we are getting ready to finish off everything over the next weeks to ensure an enjoyable Update! Keep in mind that you are able to zoom into most of the pictures by simply clicking them which provides you with a more detailed version of the picture.

Feel free to comment or ask questions regarding the teaser. We will try to answer everything as long as we do not have to spoil too much!

Have a great week and stay safe Medivians!

Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
Can you spoil new stats of frost drag? exp/hp
Posted 1 year ago by Delicato Quote
are you gonna change undead dragons?
Posted 1 year ago by Itron Quote
Daevok reminds me of Skeleton King Leoric, even the crown looks similar. But dont get me wrong, imo its best teaser so far.
Posted 1 year ago by Varis Quote
Is it worth to make access to northern isles right now or should i change and do it after up?
Is forgula dragon spawn gonna stay in the same shape? it was pretty good.
is coldridge gonna be reworked from the scratch? I can barely see some orc there on pic, and it was good hunting spot, just a little worse than of.
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
The hunter outfit tho!< 3
Posted 1 year ago by Notorious Damodred Quote
Honestly looks like it has huge potential; absolutely awesome job with sprites! Definitely a big fan of the introduction of add ons, just sad that it took the time it did to release just the trailer. Have little to no time to even explore it anymore.
Posted 1 year ago by Skalth Quote
I see mysterious lever, I press like. Teaser looks awesome.

*The new Frost Dragon sprites look great.
*Seems to be some spawns for "lower levels", I hope a few monsters aren't as strong as they look though.
*Areas seem to be more open (mostly thinking of our current coldridge).
*The boats are cool.

Like Itron mentioned, let's hope something is done about Undead Dragons. It should indeed be a very powerful monster but it's just stupid that it runs as fast as a level 20, it doesn't paralyze or haste, but it can oneshot a level 180 EK (+?) on RANGE.

edit: oh and addons, what a great addition to the game.
Posted 1 year ago by Maas Damodred Quote
love the addons. those are actually addons that fit in this game:D not the current ones you have
Posted 1 year ago by Kojak Deathmar Quote
I hope you guys implement some outfits in Rookgaard, aswell. Cant wait to see the full update.
Posted 1 year ago by Trist Quote
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