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00:22 You see a pot flower.
It weighs 70.0 oz.

but you cant really pick it up
Posted 4 years ago by Roy (114 Scout of Legacy) Quote
21:22 Donnar: Not even Nizam, Abukir's founder. Should you find out anything about his disappearance, please report back to me. You might be able to find some of his journals in the city.
Posted 4 years ago by Le'mon (35 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Boards at depos do not have Abukir as valid mailing address.

Valid post addresses are Thais, Carlin, Venore, Kazordoon, Ab'Dendriel, Edron, Ankrahmun and Darashia.
Depot downstairs
Posted 4 years ago by unknown Quote
Carlin Sword Quest has a bug with the questlog. The box that contains the poison arrows and normal arrows doesn't show in the questlog and therefore the quest remains a white text since it's 'incomplete'
Posted 4 years ago by Le'mon (35 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Hey there is two Alai Flats 15, both online and in game
Posted 4 years ago by unknown Quote

I've been shooting back, after I moved everything was fine.
Posted 4 years ago by Jestem (290 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Good job guys. Most of issues reported here should be fixed after server save.

JestemI've been shooting back, after I moved everything was fine.

I will need a bit more information on this one - can you replicate it? How did it happen?
Posted 4 years ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
The heroic powers were just about to seal the defeat of the darkness by steel and mana power but the wars had persisted for
too a long time
Druids concentrate on the magics of nature and acquire great healing powers. They also adept in the use of some offensive and protective spells.
The citys of the continent:
Fibula is a small village on an isle southwest of the mainland. Its under the rulership of the Thais monarchy. It's rumored that beneath this isle are caves and dungeons of unknown but certainly ancient origin.
On the mainland is the city of Thais, ruled by the wise and just King Tibianus. His explorers found the new Soul Vortex on this isle and built this base to protect and train the incoming heroes.
In the far northwest is the city of Carlin, that is ruled by amazons. The stubborn so called queen refuses to accept the rulership of the Thais monarchy over the whole continent.
At the great bay, east of Thais lies a rotten town of criminals. Little is known about it and only the most ruthless people even think about travelling there.
The Dwarven town, north of Mount Sternum, the central Medivian mountain massive, is the home of the Medivian
Dwarves. If you are looking for smiths of unparalleled skill you should travel there.
Farer north, at the northern shores you find the Elven city of Ab'Dendriel. There live the Elves, masters of nature and master hunters.
One of the native trees of this isle is the Rookiepine.
This tough tree grows almost everywhere and can withstand the common storms in the harsh winter.
Another tree you can find is the Dwarfenoak. The smaller cousin of the Medivian oak is a fast growing tree and so the most common wood supply on Rookgaard as well as on the continent.
Only a botanist can distinguish the Dwarfenoak from the strange Rookgaard Bananatree. On Rookgaard there is an oak-like plant which fruits resemble bananas in the shape and taste that very much. No one can make out the difference of the fruits. To all people without knowledge in Botanology the only hint to find a Bananatree is the blossom flower that often seems to live in a kind of symbiosis with the cherry tree.
The Dragontongue plant is easily spotted by its deep red blossoms and rumoured to be a useful reagent in various alchemical potions.
The Swamplants are so numerous and various that we didn't have a chance for an extensive classification.
Posted 4 years ago by Le'mon (35 Archmage of Legacy) Quote

when u put bow into arrow slot (like on ss) and attack monster u shoot with spears.
Posted 4 years ago by unknown Quote
"Medivia" wasn't updated into these books, found -somewhere-

Posted 4 years ago by Rocco Hung (257 Knight of Legacy) Quote
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