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Hello Iryont!

I can't put tapestry on the wall signaled in the photo.

Can you get it right?

Posted 1 year ago by Joel (337 Knight of Destiny) Quote
Most of the lights inside houses turn back on after ss.
Posted 1 year ago by Maelys the Monstrous (148 Knight of Pendulum) Quote

These doors in my Ancient Scepter Guildhall in Osaris on Legacy keep having their door rights list reset at ss, removing all the door rights set so only I, the owner, can open and close them.
Posted 1 year ago by Saelvas Saelvius (302 Ranger of Legacy) Quote
I'm having issues with backpacks staying open. Some of them stay open, and others close. It doesn't matter in which order they're opened, it's completely random but it's always the same backpacks that get closed. What is causing this and is there any fix to it? Others don't seem to have this issue. Running in admin mode doesn't solve it
Posted 1 year ago by Mythra (64 Scout of Legacy) Quote
Hellou i just got kicked several times today, and few minutes a go i got killed be Dragon Lord, i hope GMS will solved this. please
Posted 1 year ago by Yard Yura (109 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
Mysterious Druid4 minutes agokilled at level 86 by a dragon.

Got kicked from server and website Went down for about five minutes, internet was working fine..

I too got disconnected at this time, along with a few of my swedish friends (exactly 00:00) and could not reach the server or website.

This isnt the first time this has happened, some networking node that is frequently being routed through from the gameserver for certain locations seems to be very unreliable.

not sure if there is a easy solution though :0 and im not an expert

Posted 1 year ago by Aimara (389 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
You see a isingoma backpack (Vol:20).
It weighs 18.0 oz.

Shouldn't the first letter be in capital? Isingoma.

You see 4 nether fangss.
It weighs 24.0 oz.

When you have more than 1 fang, it adds an extra "s" in the word.
Posted 1 year ago by Avyssus (214 Ranger of Destiny) Quote

Are we still praising Banors?
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
There is a bug in the forum software: if your post goes onto a new page in a thread, the redirect doesn't take you to the last page (the new one where your post is). Instead you'll end up on the second last page.
Posted 1 year ago by Rocco Hung (257 Knight of Legacy) Quote
Player with name: Jumbalayah have free account and is still on premium area, please fix the bug. I pay for premium and he sits there for free is not fair ...
Posted 1 year ago by unknown Quote
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