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Ive reported that with some other players from legacy moths ago. Iryont said that there is ALWAYS only 1 reward- gold or experience. Ofc thats not true, for next LBs task(abos, undead behemoths) you will receive both cash and experience.
Posted 9 months ago by Rakshy (275 Druid of Legacy) Quote
I did not find where to report bugs, But I did not have cap for the broadsword that you are suppose to hand in to Harkath Bloodblade in mission 2!
So when i ask them now, They do not answer or Harkath says, Do you have your sword for me? That has to be a bugg?

Signed ~ Undercover Sheep
Posted 9 months ago by Undercover Sheep (104 Archmage of Legacy) Quote
Vocation names didnt change. I'm still a royal paladin after the update.
Posted 9 months ago by Avyssus (164 Ranger of Legacy) Quote

When hanging items in "Darashia Villa" and I am assuming other walls, they end up on the wrong part of the corner. You are supposed to be able to hang things on the east side of the wall so they are visible, and they are going on the opposite corner hidden. You can also continuously put items on the wall once the picture is there and they get deleted.
Posted 9 months ago by Harkin (183 Knight of Destiny) Quote
Orc Spearman product is blue and now he got brown equipment.
Posted 9 months ago by unknown Quote

Missing dragon spawn?
Posted 9 months ago by Gant (83 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
Slave Guards/Hunters still yell about Daraman not shakir, not sure about Shakirian Prayers
Posted 9 months ago by Dothvek (151 Warrior of Legacy) Quote

Both the Hellgate Quest and Dwarven Hell Quest do not appear on the questlog

Posted 9 months ago by Boizeco (100 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
07:21 You see a dead deer (Vol:5).
It weights 240.0 oz.

It occupies the capacity in the bag, has weight, but does not have an image
Posted 9 months ago by Dark Metziro (187 Ranger of Destiny) Quote
Hello, just a minor issue, my neighbor got this purple tapestry next to my house. The color is more pink/magenta rather than purple, make it darker or something thx :)

Posted 8 months ago by Gwaan (183 Scout of Legacy) Quote
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