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/\ desintegrate
Posted 3 years ago by unknown Quote
In the lightbringer faction missions, the Grondolf, the Lightbringer Hero, the mission for doing ancient bones ritual it misspells "Perform" and is misspelled as "Permform"

Also, in the Thaian faction solder mission for killing 1000 Cyclops Warriors, "Slaughter" is misspelled as "Slaugther"
Posted 3 years ago by Flick Strongdick (137 Scout of Legacy) Quote
Hello, my name is Javimetal in destiny server.

Last weekend i purchased a house on fibula, mercenary house. Long story short, after the reset i had the money on my dp (like its used to do), a guy asked me about selling the house (that same day, not more than 20 mins after the ss), and i agreed, before going into the house to sell it with the command (!sellhouse *name*), i checked my dp and the money for the house was still there 18k and some change, dont recall the exact price. After going there i spoke with the guy and sold the house. My surprise is,after selling the house the money was taken from my dp. So i went to the guy and spoke with him, he told me, lets wait to see if i took the payment well, i give you the money for the montly rent. Yesterday i spoke with him, my surprise, is he got a letter that he has 7 days to pay the house. So my point and request here, is, my money in return, since the server is clearly bugged, since its asking 2 times the payment in the same month, so i guess its a bug or something.

Got a photo, where it proofs that hes being asked a payment again after it took mine.(Sended it by mail, madragor sended me to this place)

Hope we can solve this fast, thanks for your time.

Posted 2 years ago by Javimetal (69 Scout of Destiny) Quote
There is a box in the 3 witches cave near Venore (the one with a "Keep Out!" sign) which can be opened and closed and always sends a message:
"The box seems to be empty."
The box is also unmovable.
I don't know if it is supposed to be a quest or something and got this message at first try.

Posted 2 years ago by unknown Quote
There is a bug in the Lightbringers Faction- questlogs says there is task for 1250 Restless Skeletons but we need kill more - 1500.
Posted 2 years ago by Rakshy (366 Druid of Legacy) Quote
I stayed in rook until level 9
and when I moved to the main land (as a Druid) i didnt get my mana fixed
i have at level 11 - 100 mana
instead of 125.
Posted 2 years ago by unknown Quote
I guess there should be Novus instead of rookgaard.
Posted 2 years ago by Jan Paweu Drugi (73 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
Not an in-game issue but the website guild emblems are visually glitched and need to be fixed.
Posted 2 years ago by Dante Hunter (124 Ranger of Legacy) Quote

I have recently started playing medivia with an rl, and we got a house to share in my name, vindia farms 3, and after making my purchase with house scroll I checked dp for a few days and there was no letters saying I hadn't paid rent, and me being a moron hadn't kept track of what I had for cash in the dp, so I figured it must had taken it when I bought the house.

Now, nearly a week later and with no letters indicating (unless they started a few after I got my house?) my house was cleared and I cant even check to see if theres letters atm because my dp is full now.

I don't know if you guys can help me out, I have the money in my dp for sure now because it kicked from my house to dp, and id really like to keep my house but 24usd for a another house scroll is pretty steep for what seems like a odd problem, who expects to pay rent a week after they get their house when they don't get any letters indicating to?
Posted 2 years ago by Evul Schlampe (39 Druid of Destiny) Quote
Dont know if intentional or not, but you cannot travel with skull to and from the ice islands (neve, winterbay, mejborn) & back to medivia. Which is weird considering you can travel normal boats.
Same with to and from isle of kings
Posted 2 years ago by unknown Quote
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