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IncubusStrange talisman does not work on Slave Hunters energy.
16:07 You lose 20 hitpoints due to an attack by a slave hunter.
16:07 You lose 19 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 18 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 18 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 17 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 16 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 15 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 14 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 13 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 12 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 11 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 10 hitpoints.
16:07 You lose 9 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 9 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 8 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 7 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 6 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 5 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 4 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 3 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 2 hitpoints.
16:08 You lose 1 hitpoint.

So you took 237 dmg overall. Normally you should get 325 dmg, so it works fine.
Posted 3 years ago by Jestem Quote
My bad, it works fine. 280~ to 250~
Posted 3 years ago by Incubus Quote
You can use adana mort runes to make quest bodies turn into skeletons.

The quest is broken until ss after the body disappears.
Posted 3 years ago by Sanjo Quote

God job guys. Regarding animate dead - it's hardly a "minor" issue, but I suppose it's not a major one either. I will have it fixed soon enough.
Posted 3 years ago by Iryont Quote
Another minor one, if you don't have any blank runes in your hand and you cast a create rune spell, even if you have more mana than the spell takes it says the message "You don't have enough mana" It should say "You do not have the proper magical item" or whatever it can be.
Posted 3 years ago by Shortknight Quote
Have Tutors lost their idle powers?
23:27 You have been idle for 15 minutes, you will be disconnected in 1 minute if you are still idle then.
Posted 3 years ago by Le'mon Quote
I'm afraid so. The change was not meant to be specific for that, but it's rather a side effect.
Posted 3 years ago by Iryont Quote
Illumination ring seems to be broken, doesn't give any light
Posted 3 years ago by Rocco Hung Quote
Can't use Casks. Many casks are lemonade casks when they are in spots they should be beer or wine. I can help out if you need help finding the spots.

This is a suggestion, but please turn on all ovens by deafault, it will help make the map look alot better!

Ohhh and one more thing before I forget. Right now when your in complete darkness you can look and see stuff even at the corner of the map without light. Aswell as monsters names. It should be too dark to see.

Posted 3 years ago by Shortknight Quote
Item called 'some mushrooms' is considered a countable one which leads to situations like 'you see 3 some mushrooms'
Posted 3 years ago by Mallphas Quote
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