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@Chris, this is something I have dealt with since I began here. It seems like it would be simple enough to save the state of lamps attached to/in private houses, but just take it as something you'll have to deal with, hide candlebraums all over the place, hehe, thats the only solution I can think of. I have this problem in rook, where I'd like the lamps to be on, but in main I'd like the lamps to be off since I have tons of light wands that are supposed to be giving effects. However, if I don't log on after server save everyday and set it up as I like, I don't win. I've resorted to stuffing lit pumpkinheads underneath my snowballs on rook tho, haha.
Posted 2 years ago by Syl'morcururond (60 None of Legacy) Quote
Hey ! is that right , you can skin all kind of mino ,all kind of trolls , all kind of dwrafs , but y cant skin all kind of elves ? (its normal or bugged?) please check it and add skin possible to elf scout , elf sharp , elf swordm.

Posted 2 years ago by Shiral (155 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
The monster Vigilante doesn't have a capitalized v, so when you encounter it ingame it comes across as "vigilante".
Gladiator says "Give up! You are dead alredy." <---- *already*
Fromir says "Your depo will be mine!" <--- *depot*
17:30 So far you have defeated 8 Skeleton Sharpshooter out of 550 required. < This should be Sharpshooters.
21:05 Kazzan: You have done an aweful lot for us but I cannot help you craft a hood for you until you obtained a decent quiver... <--- This should be "awful".
02:53 Aremis: I blamed him for losing the amulet and we got into a fight after which I quickly took of as I knew that I had to live by myself in order to keep the amulet. Years have passed and I miss my brother but I am not willing to give him back the original necklace... <------ "took off"
11:12 Kevin: Ok. We need a new set of uniforms, and only the best will do for us. Please travel to Venore and negotiate with Hugo Chief acontract for new uniforms. <---- a contract
11:48 Kevin: Good. Go there and find out what taste he dislikes most: mouldy cheese, a piece of fur or abananaskin. Tell him to SNIFF, then the object. Show him the object and ask 'Do you like that?'.DONT let the guards know what you are doing. <----- *a banana skin* and *~that?'. DON'T*
12:26 You see a Waldo's posthorn.
It weighs 22.0 oz. <---- should be just "You see Waldo's posthorn."
12:29 Kevin: So are you ready for another Mission? <---- this is the only time he capitalizes mission in his entire list of responses I believe)
12:30 Kevin: So listen well. Behind the lower left door you will find a bag. The letters in the bag are for none other than Santa Claus! Deliver them to his house on the isle of Vega, USE the bag on his mailbox and report back here. <------- it's actually the lower right door AND Vega doesn't exist anymore, it's Neve.
09:38 Malor: Besides, Baa\'leal told me you have distinguished yourself well in previous missions, so I think you might be the right person for the job... <--- should be Baa'leal
Posted 2 years ago by unknown Quote
The Raid Boss Alawar has a minor grammar problem when he says about his treasure, check it out!
Posted 2 years ago by Life Shiver (195 Druid of Legacy) Quote
There is a mistake in 1st hunter addon Questlog says(not sure what npc says) about '100 ancient runes'- I belive it should be ancient runeplates.
Ancient Rune is item from Pharaos and dissapear after some time as far as I know; ancient runeplate is skinnable from Sandskull spiders.
Posted 2 years ago by Rakshy (317 Druid of Legacy) Quote
17:31 You see poisoned bow (Hit% +1).
It weighs 30.0 oz.

Should be "a poisoned bow"
Posted 2 years ago by unknown Quote
Novus quest log does not show Nether Spiderlings in Tasks.
Posted 2 years ago by Syl'morcururond (60 None of Legacy) Quote
I just found out the Vigilante names are spelled without a capital!
Posted 2 years ago by Burning Bruthus (262 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
There is a bug in arena/medivia, when you firebomb someone in arena and then back to medivia, you get white skull and cant move your character for 1 min (any reward for reporting this bug xD?).
Posted 2 years ago by Walawizard (67 Sorcerer of Destiny) Quote
Edron trolls/goblins on destiny are blocked off at ladder and unaccessible. barrels,tables,etc.

Posted 2 years ago by Mortifus (16 Warrior of Destiny) Quote
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