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I collect the keys of Alawar's Vault quest after the update and they doesn't work now. i'm trying to use the 4503 key to enter at the mage's room.
Posted 3 years ago by unknown Quote
Is having bug in the middle cave of darashia .... is no longer giving the respaw of 3 draggy
Posted 3 years ago by Spy'slack (117 Scout of Legacy) Quote
Small but annoying issue.
When "Server is restarting" message appears near SS, you should be able to logout even with PZ, even with skull. That's how it was in real Tibia at least. Don't know if bug or intentional that you do not have that feature here.
Posted 3 years ago by Mer Festis (30 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
Thank you for the report, but it is working as intended.
Posted 3 years ago by Iryont (50 None of Legacy) Quote
Everything is working as intended. If you obtained the keys before the update, the old keys will still work just fine. If you obtained them after the update they will work as well. You are simply using the wrong key for the door.
Posted 3 years ago by unknown Quote
02:52 You see a Daraman Shield (Def:29).
It weighs 48.0 oz.
02:52 You see a stonecutter axe (Atk:50 Def:30).
It weighs 99.0 oz.
You feel the power of this mighty axe.
02:52 You see a magic plate armor (Arm:17).
It weighs 85.0 oz.
An enchanted gem glows on the plate armor.
02:52 You see a helmet of the ancients (Arm:9).
It weighs 27.6 oz.
The gem of the helmet is burned out and should be replaced.
02:52 You see an amulet of loss.
It weighs 4.2 oz.

Daraman Shield is capitalized whereas like no other piece of equipment is.
Posted 3 years ago by unknown Quote
I can't walk diagonally with my numpad, has anyone else had this issue?
Obviously I have tried everything with options, restarting the client, reinstalling the client (even the new version just now).

I havent ever had this with any clients aside from this one.

Anyone knows how to solve this? Quite annoying AF.
Posted 3 years ago by unknown Quote
17:12 You see an exotic tomato.
It looks yummy but I can't eat it :/ Idk if it is a bug ;p
Posted 3 years ago by Rakshy (366 Druid of Legacy) Quote
idk if its a bug or not but its impossible to skin restless skeletons but it would make sense if restless skulls are from them.
Posted 3 years ago by Itron (444 Ranger of Pendulum) Quote
Webpage character search glitches very often. I search someone with a correct copied name and it takes me back to front page. Happened 5 times in a row and sixth time took me to character page. I am not the only one to have such problem
Posted 3 years ago by Umfrey Nightfall (119 Warrior of Legacy) Quote
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